CES 2011: Samsung Digital Camera

Samsungimaging Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/samsungimaging Samsung CES 2011 new products: Digital Camera * DualView Samsung PL120 / PL170 * Sa…


  1. TheAgentAssassin says:

    the wb210 has great video for a small camera

    the OIS and lens quality makes all the difference

    I got mine at Costco for $200

  2. Mikenopolis says:

    just got the Samsung PL120 as an impulse buy for $119. it not anywhere near my dSLR, but it’ll do the minor job that I need, shutter lag is pretty bad especially when firing the flash and the shutter button is a bit flimsy. I got it primarily because of the self portrait LCD. it is very useful because we often take our own pictures and find it hard to get the background where we want it.

  3. winny5501 says:

    I heared that it will be on sale on march

  4. 0713christina says:

    I think it will be released soon in the market. I’m waiting SH100 to buy this. But i don’t see any infomation about it. I’ll wait till i get it. it wil cost only $200

  5. TotuBine says:

    hi. when are the new 2view cameras going to be on sale?:) thx.

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