Casio Exilim Mobile Phone Review

Chris Hardwick sees if the new camera phone from Casio with their Exilim Mobile featuring a 2.3″ LCD, GPS capabilities and a 5.1 mega pixel camera lives up to our standards for 0. For more from Gadget Pr0n, go here:
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the battery of my camera is not charging so I did something not so familiar with it. I have a little experrienced of fixing electronic gadgets and things. sorry if I talk like shit but theres an subtiltes I put in which you should understand. I’m not sujesting it to those who don’t know how to fix but you could try it, and ofcourse, you will going to buy another one or tell to the custumer support of casio exilim camera and send you a new battery pack for your camera, it will take 3-5 days before you will have a new battery, and you need the camera as well. so may my sujestion work with you all.
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  1. 123supersonic321 says:


  2. remalicious123 says:

    can u take pictures in portrait mode? cause the navigating camera options with the d pad is prolly easier.

  3. chuck9301963 says:

    this phone is no good i havd had it for 2 months now and hate it droped calls sometimes it doesnt even get the call/text pic are shitty from it just junk

  4. noamlander says:

    please, one at a time

  5. Jurgen Rae says:

    lol “how did she get out of the basement again”

  6. learn english you fucking spick

  7. Haroon younas says:

    hey me 2 have the same problem but now i solved my problem in my way and now my battery is charging if any one need the way how i charged so thumbs up subscribe then i’ll tell you the so easiest way..

  8. Raul Miguel says:


  9. @ksanlondon1
    no problem. I have some more remedies but don’t have time to do it.

  10. ksanlondon1 says:

    Hi , just want to say thank you for your video, I tried as shown in your video, using 2 tin pieces, but not charging, so applied wire directly on the copper plates on the battery and it works.

  11. alleyoop23 says:

    hey good job that’s pretty innovative i have a Casio Exilim phone from Verizon and i think i let the battery drain to much and now it won’t turn on I’ll have to give this a try

  12. how many years is your camera? did you use it very much? the reason for that is sometimes a capacitor not being drained properly or the integrated circuit is malfunctioning. what is your camera anyway?

  13. GutierrezAl1000 says:

    Nice Vid!

    When I put my battery back in the camera it will go on, after setting the date and time, I can take pictures at that moment, but after I turn it off, it will not go back on for nothing! I have to let it be for a couple of days and it will do the same! I take a one or two pictures, turn it off and I will not trun on!

    Can you please Help me!

    I appreciate your time!

  14. Is he on drugs?

  15. Excellent guide! I am going on vacation soon and when I tried to charge my camera it just didnt work. I was already looking for a new camera in my desperation and then I decide to check google first and omg I find your guide.
    Well it worked perfectly for me with just pressing the red wire of my nokia charger to the plus pole and the black wire to the minus pole for around 30 seconds (No fancy aluminium strips or anything) and then it was charging.

    You rock!

  16. husenbeshir says:

    Thank you! This works for me, too. I have 2 of this cameras in the house. Both batteries were dead and wouldn’t charge. I was puzzled who both have the same problem. After reading some comments, I learned that the Casio adapter doesn’t charge the batteries if they are completely dead. I suppose this technique charges the battery a bit, then it’s OK to charge it on the adapter. Guineans! I used BlackBurry 4.2V, 700mA charger.

  17. anyone else see the lotion and a wadded up tissue next to the computer?

  18. carolinek82 says:

    genius!!! Fixed my battery. Used an old phone charger too! Well done. many thanks! 🙂

  19. thanks. for watching

  20. This fix works as advertised. I used a 4.2 volt 900 mA phone charger for 10 minutes and when I put the battery back in the charger the charge indicator light went solid instead of blinking. Thanks for the explanation. BTW, nice background music.

  21. Simon Lessard says:

    I tried only by stucking “+” poles and “-” poles of the battery onto a 9v battery for 1 minute and voilà ! I was able to charge my battery again !

  22. did you dropped it? mostly these cases are serious, and I recommend getting a new one. the problem is that if you try to open the camera you may expose some the parts and may not work anymore. Disassymblying it would be nice and knowing the parts where to go, probably a broken part is on gear or a dirt or something big enough. mostly if it was dropped, some parts was broken and jammed on the gears. if you can disassymble it and put it back, then try it. but like I said new one is better.

  23. expertguy101 says:

    my lens is jamed. do you know how to unjame it?

  24. no problem.

  25. user12119 says:

    THANK YOU! I thought my camera battery was doomed.

  26. user12119 says:

    My casio battery was rated at 7.2 volts and I tried this with a 9 volt battery and it works fine.

  27. @EddJM
    I really don’t know if it will work, it’s up to you if you want to try it, but be careful, since batteries may explode if they are treated the wrong way.

  28. hey will this work for just that battery or all camera batteries. I have a panasonic li ion battery that’s 7.2 volts will it work for this one too.

  29. RawrrErii says:

    oh okay, thanks!

  30. chargers are meant to charge batteries. depending on whatkind of battery or charger, and even chargers are power supply.

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