Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 Multi SR-Zoom + Macro + sample pictures and movie

Here are some sample pictures and a movie all taken with my Casio Exilim EX-ZR100. You’ll see some pictures taken in the Premium Automatic mode, but also a f…
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  1. supercarsriviera says:

    Oh ok thanks you very much for these advice ! 🙂

  2. Don’t zoom in too fast. If you see the image getting unsharp while you’re zooming, then stop zooming in for a moment and wait for the camera to focus again. Then continue zooming in. The digicam does indeed seem to have some difficulties trying to keep things in focus whilst zooming in.
    Something else you could try is to set the focus to infinity. If you do, the camera’s focal point is set to infinity and it will not change. Infinity focus is pretty good as long as you don’t want to do close-ups

  3. supercarsriviera says:

    I have bought this camera. When I use the zoom during video I have problems of focusing (it’s slow) …Because in your video test there is always the focusing…you have a solution ? thank you 🙂

  4. I don’t think so : /

  5. Илья Никишкин says:

    And no alternative firmware for this model does not exist?

  6. Илья Никишкин says:

    Hello. At Camera Casio Exilim EX-ZR100 manually extract 15 seconds can be triggered at any values ​​of ISO?

  7. EvaStyle12 says:

    the camera is amazing… !!!!

  8. their website must have been in some kind of matinence mode or something, because i thought it was very odd how little info on cameras they had on any of their website branches, thanks for the links!

  9. krisDM3000 says:

    I got the information from Exilim’s website. I’ll send the links to you.

  10. i must have come across some bad information, thanks bud =)

  11. krisDM3000 says:

    Both the EX-ZR100 and EX-ZR200 have CMOS shift stabilization. The EX-ZR200 has a wide shot function and panorama function. The EX-ZR200 also has a high speed anti-shake function in the “Best Shot”-list just like the EX-ZR100.

  12. i looked at the ZR200 and it looked worst then the ZR100, no shake reduction, no autopanorama, what did you see that was better?

  13. Paulo Melo says:

    I’ve been checking it because of your recommendations, the extra megapixels are nice, but its price is out of my maximum available budget =/ Will you make some videos to teach how do you do to take these epic pictures? I’m guessing you play a lot with ISO and apperture, and to take the night shots I guess you increase the values of the shutter speed….I’m a complete beginner and portuguese, so sorry if Im talking nonsense lol.
    also, I’m subscribing 😉

  14. krisDM3000 says:

    Be sure you check out the EX-ZR200 as well! That’s the new version of the EX-ZR100 and is in many functions better than the EX-ZR100 + has some nice new features as well.

  15. Paulo Melo says:

    amazing photos, amazing zoom, amazing video… amazing video! Thank you, you convinced me to get one 🙂

  16. krisDM3000 says:

    The ZR100 can film for more than 2 hours with a fully charged battery. However, after 29 minutes of filming the camera stops automatically.

  17. How long video can it record?

  18. krisDM3000 says:

    That’s awkward : s When you film something and afterwards play it again with the camera, do you hear the sound then? In case not, I’m afraid there might be something wrong with the microphones of the camera.

  19. TheTempoGigante says:

    Hi ! I bought this camera after having seen this video, and it is worth every penny. However ! When I save the clips on a flashdrive and view on my tv the sound disappears, same thing happens after editing my clips in pinnacle studio, do you know whats wrong ? Thanks for sharing your videos 🙂

  20. krisDM3000 says:

    I have another video available showing more of the Casio’s capabilities. Nowhere nearly everything yet, but this might give you an even better idea /watch?v=Fdw8AZbT7kA

  21. LedgerLines says:

    Very helpful video, I’m getting mine in the mail tomorrow can’t wait to break her in. Glad to see the video has no tearing issues, that was a worry for me at this price point.

  22. krisDM3000 says:

    No problem.

  23. Milan Fornůsek says:

    great video, thanks very much

  24. Hey je hebt hem binnen!! gefeliciteerd ;0) al getest met je telescoop?

  25. ParaglidingManiac says:

    Super nice!
    You outperformed most of the people I know in astrophotography. And now with this… I can’t imagine how much better it will get!
    Congratulations, my friend!!!!!

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