Canon T5i | T4i Touch Screen Review Training Tutorial Video

Update: The Canon T5i and T4i touch screen operations are nearly identical. This video will be helpful to T5i users until I get the new videos up. Enjoy! In …

This tutorial shows how to use the autofocus feature in the Canon Rebel T3i camera. Watch more at…
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  1. aliasz alias says:

    which kit lens too buy?

    the 18/55 or the 18/135?

  2. aliasz alias says:

    the moment your are all done with all those settings, the subject already went home

  3. aliasz alias says:

    the moment you are done setting all those options the subject have already gone home.

  4. RedMoonRising24 says:

    very useful tips, thanks!

  5. Masoud Anwar says:

    you’re the man! great explaining, i defo want to watch your crash course as i have just bought this camera with 135mm stm lens and havent got a clue how to get the most out of it!

  6. Thanks Mike

  7. Kasey Boles says:

    It’s the same kind of touch screen as most smart phones and tablets, so any stylus for those (capacitive IIRC) should work

  8. MichaelTheMentor says:

    Its the button with the camera icon next to the view finder. I highly recommend my T5i Crash Course if you are just getting started. It will save you a ton of time

  9. ToXiCVaPoRz29 says:

    I turned on my t5i but how do you get into live view mode?

  10. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5 says:


  11. ahmed ali says:

    Sir i have selected aspect ratio 16:9 in settings. when i capture pic in live view mode the ratio is 16:9 but when i turn mode of optical view finder the pic ratio its self change to 3:2.i dont want 3:2 ratio.Plz help me out.

  12. Atemaatra says:

    You don’t think there’ll be a firmware update for the t4i? You talking about Magic Lantern?

    If i cant get magic lantern on the t4i, i’d rather buy the t3i as it’ll perform better with ML.

  13. tracy webb says:

    still a big fan of the t2i

  14. Gerald Thomas says:

    Outstanding video! I just bought my first DSLR the T4i, after learning on a Minolta SLR when I was in middle school so it’s a little intimidating for me, but you make it less so.

    Thanks for taking the time, and you now have a new subscriber. BTW I still have my Minolta and it’s in near mint condition.

  15. Robert Walker says:

    Does T4i have a stylis Pen available to use the touch screen, to eliminate fingerprints and smuges all over the LCD screen?

  16. I am a Senior & ive been taking pictures for some time now & is interested in purchasing a Camera. Im not a big recorder but i am looking forward to buying a Canon T4i? What do you think about that ? And last how can you autofocus on more than one face?

  17. Ram Ghai says:

    god she’s beautiful!

  18. Laxman Dahal says:

    hy but i have canon t4i it not working like you are camera

  19. firejoy19 says:

    Excellent video. Michael has done a great job for Canon in selling this camera to me.

  20. Aiko Yonamine says:

    Learned a lot from this video. I am slowly getting over not getting a 60D as my beginner camera. Thanks.

  21. MRf0f01 says:


  22. ryan saahee says:

    great job man!

  23. atul jain says:

    realy v gud review .thnx

  24. atul jain says:

    sir will u guide regarding noise handling by t4i at shutter speed 1/2500 and some what low light conition. Have u used it with 400 mm 5.6 canon for birding

  25. MichaelTheMentor says:

    24-70 2.8 L vI

  26. This is probably the most stupid question you’ve ever got, please bear with me. I do have rebel t3i, and I have always taken my shots in live view mode ( i mean with picture displayed on screen) whether using auto or manual settings ( i mean shutter speed and aperture priority). However am not able to shoot with settings showing on the screen and me looking through the view finder, its like camera is malfunctioning, what am i doing wrong? Please help!!!

  27. Sai Ashwin says:

    Guys plz help me !! i am unable to take a picture in the auto mode, the camera just autofocuses the subject even when i fully press the shutter button !

  28. misscookeatlove says:

    I know! Need hlep!!!!!!

  29. Guhbubbish says:

    How do I auto focus when trying to record HD video? I can’t get mine to work! Please help

  30. sweetmamavick says:

    heyy, I just bought this camera yesterday. and I’m so clueless…please help me. how do I get started..I want to start taking pictures..what do I put it on to start…please help, I love ur videos…thanks

  31. SoyAshleyBugg says:

    Make you sure have the camera on auto focus mode (located on the lens), then half press the shutter button while recording!

  32. A.S. Martin says:

    I have a t3 rebel. How do I locate infinity mode on the 18-55mm and the 55-250mm lens, if they are available, thanks!

  33. PandasArmoire says:

    How do I autofocus during recording?

  34. ProducedByAli says:

    “We’ll get back at that in a second.” -_-

  35. Joao Fezas Vital says:

    sometimes when I’m autofocusing live view, the center instead of going green before shooting it goes red and I’m not able to take the picture, what am I doing wrong?

  36. xAMYxXxAFFLICTIONx says:

    I have a Canon rebel t3i but it dosen’t have the flip around viewfinder, can I get one attached?

  37. newarksgreatest says:

    No. The t4i does though.

  38. jpanim8r says:

    WOW, this video makes me laugh … because he seems too perfect. Great VOICE!

  39. petenicezz says:

    does it does autofocus when doing videos

  40. startphotography says:

    Don’t listen to anyone who gives you criticism, this is great!

  41. TheSunHeaven says:

    check out my channel for a dslr review if your making decisions on buying a camera!!! 😀 it´s my first video and i would love some opinions, and more videos are to come!!

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