Canon Rebel XT Tutorial for Beginners, Part 1

Beginners guide to the Canon Rebel XT, and a bit about digital photography in general.
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  1. aebipesche85 says:

    I has have the same but only i has`ve the other but same. Can you do it with this when its off?

  2. DigitalSLRPhoto2 says:

    I love this camera. It is heavy duty and heavy but rugged, dependable, and takes great pictures. it is awesome and I love it. So will you!

    here is the link to it in case anyone isinterested:amzn.to14vuPCk

  3. Derrick Saxton says:

    Do it do videos

  4. My camera, is like this one, a Canon Rebel EOS DS6041. When is on only I can see on Screen is EOS,, Batery is charge complete,,,I try to take pictures and does not Do so,,, It may be the Battery?
    Please advice at Hilda.. Thanks

  5. Yes, you may! 

  6. Lucy Harris says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks!

  7. BuckleUp666 says:

    for telling me how to turn on and off for a min and a half ass hole

  8. BuckleUp666 says:

    fuck you

  9. 1secondarysystem says:

    are you able to change out the lenses

  10. SouthAnnie says:

    I have this camera. When in manual mode, you can turn the dial that adjusts the shutter and ap speed all the way to the left until you see “bulb”.

  11. francine belcuore says:

    is there a bulb setting on this camera. i want to do night shots and see the stars rotate. is it possible with this camera?

  12. deafimplant says:

    its a CF card, and your best bet is to plug your camera in via usb cable ( same cable to charge your ps3 controllers)

  13. deafimplant says:


  14. can anyone tell me how to put the pics from the AR cards to my labtop, I know its a stupid question, I have only dealt with SD cards, thanks and good video for a noobie

  15. muchtosay123 says:

    this is cannon’s uglyest camera in my opinion, ill rather go for Nikons D3000 rather then that

  16. srphilippe says:

    thanks learned a lot!!!!!

  17. gresalikecookies says:

    i believe the setting with the mountain and the cloud next to it is for landscapes and the 2nd to last setting is for night pictures.

  18. Heather Spoonheim says:

    Thank you for this. I just bought my Rebel XT and this got me going really quick. 😀

  19. N Martinez says:

    what mm is the lens of this SLR?

  20. Paolo Escopete says:

    can use this for video?

  21. Michael Vandaley says:

    im asking the same question…???? custom firmware???

  22. i have a q. is there anyway i can use this camera as a “video camera” by maybe pluging it into my computer

  23. bittybug49 says:


  24. LCD screen will not show live view. you need to use viewfinder to click the pic. you can use LCD screen to watch pics that were already clicked.

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