Canon Rebel tutorial: How to use exposure compensation |

This tutorial introduces the Canon Rebel T3i’s exposure compensation and shows how to use it. Watch more at…
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  1. EdEddEddie3000 says: get the 50 mm 1.4. It has a better build than the 1.8.

  2. Robert MacDonald says:

    bestbuy ! $110.00 50mm f1.8

  3. Lisandro Oleta says:

    any one know where to get a 50mm lens for a good price?

  4. AmyandMera says:

    hi, the video was really helpful, i have the EOS 600D too and when i record videos on it the quality is really clear and good but when i upload it on youtube it turns to such bad quality like its not clear and it looks blurry please please help. You can just click my account and watch one of the videos and see the quality. thanks so much 🙂

  5. Max Berends says:

    Thanks so much for this amazing tip!

  6. Billy Nguyen says:

    lower your shutter speed so the camera can let more light in…example of a fast shutter speed would be 1/400 and a slower shutter speed would be like 1/10 of a second…1/10 of a second allows more light to get into the camera

  7. ItzCrazeee says:

    im in manual mode why do all my pictures come out dark?

  8. Amar Mirza says:

    So is this just a simple exposure tool for people who don’t know how to adjust shutter, aperture and iso? I have never used it (I use manual mode), does it do anything else?

  9. Derek Miller says:

    As a newbie, for me he didn’t explain what that does, I think examples are key

  10. AlfaShedar says:

    this option in camera is so eazy to use dont need turtorial ..

  11. AlfaShedar says:

    maybe u know how take BIAS shots and Dark frames ? this stuff is from astrophotography

  12. burubura says:

    how to adjust exposure compensation in Manual mode???i have 550D

  13. jpanim8r says:

    He reminds me as a mix between Ebert & Leonard Maltin

  14. aben365 says:

    Do you have a tutorial about exposure simulation on Canon T3i ? Thanks!

  15. Dragan Gusic says:


  16. SimplisticMind says:


  17. baroc00 says:

    can you help me because when i press the shooter button half it wont focus? on (P mode) but when on (A+ auto intel ) it will focus? plz help me 🙁 im suing the t3i

  18. ToffeeBeauty says:


  19. YOUNGMAN333 says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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