Canon Rebel T4i VS T3i – Comparison Find out what’s new with the Canon Rebel T4i vs T3i. Faster continuous shooting, touch-screen LCD, higher ISO capabilities, cont…
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  1. RebelT3iowner says:

    You are welcome, Frank. As you view´╗┐ the other videos, feel free to comment or ask any questions that may come up. Comments and questions help me decide what others want to know ­čÖé

  2. RebelT3iowner says:

    Thank you Mirza. I know you will enjoy´╗┐ the Rebel you finally decided on~

  3. Mirza Usman Beg says:

    Helpful video. Made my decision making process b/w t3i and t4i´╗┐ a lot easier. Thank you.

  4. frank ash says:

    Thank you.. Very helpful for me making my buying decision..looking forward to seeing your other´╗┐ videos

  5. RebelT3iowner says:

    Crystal, you´╗┐ are totally welcome!

  6. Crystal Gil says:

    great video,´╗┐ thanks!!!!

  7. XXXDeadhead says:

    Excellent comparison!´╗┐

  8. RebelT3iowner says:

    I’m glad you´╗┐ enjoyed this video. It was fun doing it.

  9. pugazh angalan says:

    Are you not camera expert? But´╗┐ you made this comparison very good!!! I like this THX U.

  10. RebelT3iowner says:

    My pleasure! Thanks for´╗┐ the kind comment.

  11. barbshong says:

    This was very helpful, thank´╗┐ you so much for this wonderful comparison ­čśÇ

  12. Sumdu Media says:

    This comment is [expletive] pointless. Go be´╗┐ unproductive somewhere else!

  13. RebelT3iowner says:

    Thanks, so glad´╗┐ you liked it.

  14. seesmelltastethink says:

    thank you so much and sorry for my mistake!´╗┐ =P

  15. RebelT3iowner says:

    There is no 18-35mm lens. The less expensive kit lens is 18-55mm. You will get more versatility if you get the 18-135mm lens (it would be my personal choice), but most people opt´╗┐ for the 18-55 since it will be the first one you encounter when looking at these cameras. It really depends on what your want to do with your camera, but if you don’t know, as already mentioned, the 18-135mm will give you more options as to the kind of pictures you can take.

  16. seesmelltastethink says:

    excuse me, please, can someone just tell me that i need the len 18-35mm or 18-135mm if i’m a beginner?´╗┐

  17. hkitty383 says:

    fantastic´╗┐ review.

  18. RebelT3iowner says:

    Alright mspixie23, if I had something to do with that decision, I´╗┐ am happy!

  19. mspixie23 says:

    Thank you! This was very informative. I am in the process of buying a new Canon right now and undecided on the actual differences between both models and if the extra dollar amount is worth it. I am convinced that I will definitely go with´╗┐ the T4i now. Ôś║

  20. Hi, Everything ok with the much better zoom.
    Where they failed are: aperture: f/3.4 (W), f/6.5 (T) – Instead of the SX40 IS’ f/2.7 (W), f/5.8 (T)
    Shutter speed: 1-1/2000 sec. – Instead of´╗┐ the SX40 IS’ 1-1/3200
    Cont. shooting: 2.2 instead of 2.7 of SX40.
    The viewfinder remains with LOW RESOLUTION
    The +ve things I see are: the LCD has dubbled in Res. (though they could have made it 3″). and better ISO (from 3200 to 6400).

  21. I too hope so….and that hopefully´╗┐ it will come out before Dec. ’12…so that I can get it..this year itself.

  22. RebelT3iowner says:

    Hi pherstah,
    yes, there is a free e-book about tips to take better pictures at´╗┐ the waynerasku site – there is a link in the video information. You will enjoy your new camera.

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