Canon Rebel T3i vs T4i: Which Should You Buy?

My new Facebook page – As many of you know, I’m a proud owner of the Canon EOS Rebel T3i (Kiss X5) DSLR. However, tha…


  1. Where do you recommend buying a T3i

  2. Yamuna Victoria says:

    So helpful :)

  3. Tim Brazzell says:

    Does the auto focus work well with weddings on the t3i?

    For example the bride coming up the aisle from the ceremony, would it keep focused on her with the auto focus?

  4. Tim Brazzell says:

    Great video! Thank you 🙂

  5. SchmidtFilms86 says:

    She’s much more beautiful!

  6. Toby Hines says:

    Just Picked up a T3i kit and 50 to 200 mm yesterday. Thinking of changing 50 /200 for a flash?

  7. Benjamin Landwehr says:

    It’s 599 now, so definitely the best buy I’d say.

  8. Isaac Neves says:

    I have a Canon t3i with the 18-55 lens that came with it. I’m thinking about buying a 18-135mm. But should I buy the one with the STM technology? Will it work?

  9. Jeremy Miller says:

    Thanks that really helped me out.

  10. KryozStorm says:

    Hey! I was thinking of purchasing the T4i and using it for food photography, filming people cooking and random shots of family. What lenses would you suggest that would be great to fit the needs of these activities? Would the kit lens (18-135mm) do or should I get something for more macro shots? What would you do? Thanks in advance!!!

  11. ZDoomCentral says:

    since you can get the t4i for under $650 w/kit lense at the moment, and the t3i is ~$569 would you still go for the t3i over the t4i?

  12. Patricia Cantu says:

    T4i Is At Bestbuy right now for 649 (:

  13. CANON yabish says:

    I am trying to deicide which i want, I film snowboarding which like you said is a lot of moving around so the auto focus seems necessary. However, is it true that the t4i has no zooming in video mode? I feel like i would need a zoom feature. Also just wanted to see what attachable microphone you would recommend and what would your suggestion be for a stabilizer. thank you

  14. Jonathan Davila says:

    you look like that chick from twilight

  15. OpCharlieBravo says:

    sorry to bud in, The kit lens is still pretty good, idk what you’re using now but it looks very clear, but if ur asking about canon lenses in particular, for sharper quality you would have to buy an “L” lenses, like a 24mm – 70mm which can be costy, or maybe a 50mm 1.4, that one is a really good lens and its only about $380.

  16. OpCharlieBravo says:

    check your local best buy, they got the t4i on sale for 648.99, since the t5i just hit the stores the prices of others droped. or t4i with 18-135mm which is what i got and recommend for entry level dslr for 798.99 i don’t know how long the sale will last.

  17. Christina Rose says:

    I film youtube videos that pertain to beauty an tutorials etc. What would be a good lens thats better than the kit lens?

  18. richard jones says:

    sorry i meant stills frame rate I apologise my mistake

  19. TheHornet79 says:

    You mean for videos? They both have the same frame rate:
    1920 x 1200 30 FPS for the best quality.

  20. Marcus Mullins says:

    Wow great video! You are awesome. Such good picture.. Audio .. Clarity … Pretty face and pleasant voice… Ill be a subscriber and spread the word

  21. my3boys81 says:

    Hi I’m new to this, but i really wanna buy t3i can I learn to use to quickly or do I need some time ?

  22. jacosam19 says:

    I couldn’t stop thinking how gorgeous this gal is. But yeah. I’m choosing the T3i over the T4i. Getting my T3i and a bunch of other stuff this Wednesday.

  23. richard jones says:

    i went for the 650 D – T4I for the simple reason i wanted a quicker fps rate for when i shoot sports

  24. WhatTechShow says:

    T4i or T2i

    The T3i is no different from the T2i apart from a flip screen.

  25. Jervon Johnson says:

    You have a cute button nose just saying

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