Canon Rebel T3i Review

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  1. messer ezio says:

    Hello there, do you know “photo SFX art” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a nice free video explaining the way to shoot brilliant pictures. It made it easier for Matt to create photographs that have a wow-effect while you look at them. It might help you also…

  2. Pedro Guarilha says:

    I bought a Rebel T3i with a Class 10 SD card, but something’s wrong. When I start a video recording in 1080p, the camera stops recording automatically in between 15 and 60 seconds. Could you help me?

  3. cbbrocks2000 says:

    how do you zoom and focus like what if i want blurry

  4. battledino says:

    Pikmin 4:00

  5. wittyxbaby says:

    sure I would like to see some

  6. TGameNTech says:

    At the current time, no. Would you like to see some? I’ve been throwing around some new video ideas.

  7. wittyxbaby says:

    do you have any videos on how to use adobe preimer elements.

  8. TGameNTech says:

    I do have a class 10 card. A SanDisk Transcend Class 10. I might try reformatting/buying another one or maybe upgrade to an even higher card. Dunno yet.

  9. Jon Prosser says:

    Nice review! I also use this camera! The problem you are having with the recording automatically stopping is caused by your SD card. This is because your card can’t process the recording fast enough to continue filming because of how high the quality is, so it stops itself. To fix this, you need a higher SD class. I use a class 10 card. That would be what class i recommend. Simple fix and I have had no problems! Hope this helps.

  10. TGameNTech says:

    I was like, oh a good picture opportunity! Then as soon as I took it I yelled at him to stop haha.

  11. TGameNTech says:

    I usually do use auto focus for most pictures but if I want to get a picture of something in particular that isn’t moving and is in the foreground/background I will use manual focus. Also, I have tried formatting the card. Might try to reformat again and if that doesn’t work I will try a different card. Glad to hear it does’t affect everyone though.

  12. TGameNTech says:

    I got the 18-55mm kit lense and a 55-250mm lense that came with the package deal I got with Amazon. I am really happy with the lenses so far. Thanks for watching!

  13. WhatTechShow says:

    Really great review! Nice camera, what lenses do you have?
    I believe that the dslr body is not as important as the lenses, so I think the Canon t3i is a great deal with some great lens! I would rather get a cheaper body with some great lenses instead of an expensive body with some cheapo lenses.

  14. maxpain says:

    u should only use manual focus for video not photos, try formatting that card or trying another one, I have the same cards and never have that issue of it stopping.

  15. Tbone Jobs says:

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  16. Tbone Jobs says:

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  17. Tbone Jobs says:

    Great video man like it

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