Canon Rebel T3i EOS 600D Unboxing

Canon Rebel T3i EOS 600D Unboxing. Features and specifications 18.0 megapixels ISO 6400 3x-10x movie digital zoom 3:2 wide- 3.0″ LCD monitor 3.7 frames per s…
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  1. MakingMasterClass says:

    Yes you can.

  2. jordy de leon says:

    Can you connect microphone to this camera?

  3. cutefashiondesigner1 says:

    I so want one

  4. MakingMasterClass says:

    Taiwan, yes.

  5. MakingMasterClass says:

    Mine says Taiwan as well.

  6. where was your canon T3i made?

  7. I got the same camera is awesome but can you can check the bottom and tell where it was made Please!! Mine says Taiwan Is that OK?

  8. MakingMasterClass says:

    The kit came with the lense.

  9. MrCumonmeh says:

    did u buy the lens or did it come with it?

  10. J.R.Y.Grim says:

    who does ur nails bro?

  11. MakingMasterClass says:


  12. Mourad BlaBla says:

    Is the EOS 600D = t3i ??

  13. nataly1998 says:

    She’s a beauty. c’:

  14. lnitialCraft says:

    What is the difference of the Rebel T3i 600d and the Rebel T3i ? thx 🙂

  15. Jack Greener says:

    Does the camera have autofocus and manual focus

  16. MakingMasterClass says:

    Im using my vixia HF G10 still. My daughter has the T3I. Its a great camera for sure.

  17. TheLightHouseLady says:

    Now do you like it? My husband bought me one in June and I love it.

  18. Jackson Welch says:

    Very very jealous!

  19. MakingMasterClass says:

    Its a great camera but I prefer having autofocus so I gave it to my daughter and got myself the Canon Vixia HF G10.

  20. TheLightHouseLady says:

    Just got the Canon Rebel T3i . How do you like yours?

  21. MakingMasterClass says:

    My daughter ended up with this one after all was said and done. Im now using a Canon Vixia HF G10.

  22. Outdoor Sports Club says:

    Nice camera! We thought about something similar for our project but went with a cheaper and smaller camera for a few reasons. But that’s a sweet rig! I’m more than slightly envious!

  23. Thatguysnowboards says:

    Thanks for the feedback and the quick reply!

  24. MakingMasterClass says:

    Im not a professional but from what I have heard, this is a great middle ground for people that want a DSLR that shoots pretty good photos and video. I would consider it intermediate level.

  25. Thatguysnowboards says:

    Would this camera be good for photography?

    I’m just starting to get into photography and thought I should get a good camera and I’ve been looking at other reviews and unboxings of this camera but I stilll can’t decide please help!

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