Canon PowerShot SX50 HS FULL REVIEW – PT 1

This is part one of a multi part video series reviewing and demonstrating the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. In this portion we take a look at the ergonomics, desi…

Detailed review and samples:


  1. PUREscooterz says:

    what will i need to do to get a fisheye on this bad boy

  2. Chris Browning says:

    The optical zoom and picture quality are excellent. It is very easy to use. It looks like a D-SLR camera in performance.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to15mXEgL

  3. Candido Melendez says:

    Thank you for doing this 🙂

  4. jessica britt says:

    pt. 2 just does not seem to be any where online –

  5. Tj Berryhill says:

    Can someone tell me how to chage the expouser setting so I can take night shots of the city or stars please

  6. alec guiness says:

    You must feel sad or something that somebody is ragging on your new little toy huh? If anybody reading somebody else’s opinion about some stupid digital gadget is offended well too bad get help, this is not politics, religion, family or what not…I think this is a total shit camera for what I wanted it for but it may not be the case for you, I just want to inform and that’s that. My SX-40 is gathering dust now because I should have spent the extra 50$-100$ and get the D3100 say or T3 something

  7. Sean Jobes says:

    Alec Guinness, you must feel like a bit of a tit saying that about it not shooting in raw then saying my comments are for people who actually know about this stuff then you look it up and it does have raw…

  8. Sean Jobes says:

    It’s a good camera for it’s purpose and it’s price range.

  9. alec guiness says:

    btw my comments apply for those who actually know about this so uh yeah. this is a very mediocre camera for photgraphy but pretty good for travelling and such..not much more.

  10. alec guiness says:

    lol ok, sure it does…

  11. Sean Jobes says:

    It has raw, the view finder has got fine quality, a dslr at this price would do shit all

  12. Crap explanation. I didn’t understand how to use the camera. That’s what it has buttons I noticed myself, I need to know how to use them.

  13. Salty Mobsta says:

    I’m shooting music video I was wondering how long is the exact battery life and is this a better camera for video then my sonyhandy Cam using Vegas to edit ‘ plz let me know ‘

  14. alec guiness says:

    Yes do alot of photography but dont spray and pray is what i say..;) i guess that is bang on, this would be a top notch travel camera or for random events, just dont do like i did and expect to only need thing if you want to go in depth with photography…

  15. stonefoxuk says:

    Bridge cameras are fun to use with the instant zoom features but ideal for travel snapshots. I personally have an A300 which I love but i find myself using an EPL-1 more because of size when I hiked a lot now I cycle an awful lot and im in the market for a good compact p330 s110 kind of one. Its not what you use in photography as much as just doing it. Keep snapping away Alec.

  16. alec guiness says:

    And for that price range, unless you really need a big zoom with little quality then you would immensly happier with a D3100 with kit 18-55mm lens or even a D5100 for a little more. There is just no comparison…i have the SX40 and i’ve regretted tht decison, just my 0.02.

  17. alec guiness says:

    yeah but it’s just a catch for those who dont know better, as if the DSLR zooms who go for a fortune are only selling the zoom…they are not the image quality is not at all the same. It’s a good little camera but it’s very horizontal in it’s features but with little depth…or actual quality, i just think it should have had less half assed features and more in depth quality. Ah and yes, it shoots mistake.

  18. stonefoxuk says:

    Correction its £360 has 50x and DOES do raw.

  19. stonefoxuk says:

    Other than not having raw capture your negative points are redundant. This is a BRIDGE camera not a DSLR its £400 for a 42x zoom.

  20. alec guiness says:

    important negative points:
    1-not a real viewfinder i’ts just a very small digital screen, very poor quality.
    2- limited features, there are many..but they are very limited not the same as a dslr
    3- i may be a little too used to my old “real” (film) cameras like my nikkormat el, but the build quality here very McD happy meal toy like..very cheap plastic
    4- Jpeg only no raw
    5-manual focus should be better, this one is basically useless
    6-aperture and iso should be dials for quick selection

  21. That’s so cool because I can take pictures using my remote shutter release when I plug it into the audio out jack.

    Get your facts right dude.

  22. 13

  23. Abby Costa says:

    How many frames can it take per second?

  24. haizahaiza says:

    Where is the link to part 2? Can you please link to part 2? TIA!

  25. Goja Gabol says:

    I know the lens has a thread so you can add filters and I guess a fish eye lens. But the camera already has fisheye feature.

  26. Elchamber Okay says:

    You sound depressed.

  27. Hunter Bowling says:


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