Canon PowerShot SX280 HS

The new pocket zoom point and shoot by Canon. 20x Zoom and built in Wi-Fi and GPS. Supercharged and ready to share.!!!
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The Canon PowerShot G1X is a revolutionary new compact camera that delivers DSLR-levels of image quality and control in a highly portable body. Perfect for p…
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  1. vekialeks says:

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  2. billvr100 says:

    I have g1x and g15 …. Finally g1x is better!!!!

  3. MusicRocMySou132s says:

    Can anyone tell me if the G1X or the G15 is better ?

  4. buda baap says:

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  5. scivids1999 says:

    Even with the faster lens on the RX100, the sensor on this is 2-3 stops better in terms of noise, so makes up for the lens being 1-2 stops slower. Also, the controls and handling on this puts the RX100 to shame.

  6. Circa829 says:

    Hi, I have the canon powershot g12, i’m looking for an attachment lens/filter or something for Macro and also Telephoto. Also i am looking for a good price. Can u give me any suggestions? Thanks 🙂

  7. G-Wiz!

  8. fagocista1980 says:

    bullshit. G1X is much better

  9. Israel Rodatz says:

    this camera of the fujifilm x10?

  10. Primož Žgavec says:

    Sony made RX100 much better camera…. 🙂 also Canon is not bad!

  11. saiful islam says:

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  12. haruna44kon says:

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  13. hdbjbjhkljd says:

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  14. littlechuckful says:

    I bought mine at the duty free for about $690 and I’m not disappointed. It takes better pictures than my 500D with the kit lens. Canon should throw the best quality SD card. I shot my card full and put in one of my old spare SD card and it came out on par with the G10. Please use only top SD cards also I downloaded Lightroom 4 which is more versatile in post processing than Canon’s DPP. Use it as back up as I loath changing lenses in the field.

  15. anubizz shin says:

    professionals. PROFESSIONALS. its of PROFESSIONALS………….. bleh

  16. djaskdkasklk says:

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  17. dipro001 says:

    S100! xD 

  18. ESUNintel says:

    I wish Canon made something to compete against the Olympus PEN/OM-D and Sony NEX. …I just hope that if, and when, that day comes, they don’t disappoint like Nikon.

  19. O narrador é gay

  20. yoggsothot says:

    My G11 is amazing with it´s tiny sensor, I just can imagine what this beast can do.
    For those of us who prefer manual control with physical buttons nothing compares to the Canon G´s in the non-DSLR world.

  21. azzurres1 says:

    24fps? i though with this price we will have ALL.. so it should just be 500euro not more !

  22. David Wei says:

    They are called prime lens, and I know them, Ilike them, and I have a few of them too. And yes, you will know the field of view so well, that you won’t even bother to pick the camera up for shooting anything other than a few items or a few people.

    Also, you can set G1 X to skip to equilvent 28/35/50/85/100/112mm focal length, so if you feel the need to restrict yourself at a fixed focal length, you can too, take your pick. 😛

  23. vivianyeap says:

    After using a fixed lens for a while, you become intimately familiar with its field of view without having to look through the camera. Since you already know what fits as you walk around, so you can start seeing your compositions in your head as you move about. i agree with u that zoom is convenient for daily use, but u just wont think though before u shot

  24. David Wei says:

    how does a prime lens it help you visualize better than a zoom before you take a shot? A prime is nice, but zoom is far more versatile for daily use.

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