Canon PowerShot SX280 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 20x Image Stabilized Zoom 25mm Wide-Angle Lens and 1080p Full-HD Video (Black)


  1. Telemachus says:
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    Great Camera! Love the Wireless!, April 25, 2013
    Telemachus (Virginia, USA) –

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    I’ve had a number of PowerShot cameras. Really impressed with the picture quality of the camera and the overall speed. Colors and picture quality are quite good and the low-light performance is superior. The previous review focuses nicely on the picture quality, so I wil stick with the human factors.

    Manual control and adjustment are simple to master, so you won’t need to rely on the automatic settings. My only concern with the camera is hat the wifi settings are difficult to set up. I’m pretty good with wireless technologies and it took me quite awhile to figure it out. Make sure you run the set up disk. Unlike many other consumer wireless gadgets, this one requires that you run the setup software. Couldn’t just turn on the camera and connect it to the router. As much as it pains me to say this, I should’ve read the directions prior to jumping in to try to set it up! 🙂

    Once it’s setup, it works great. I’ve been transferring files to iphone, ipad, and laptop; and transferring to the Canon Image site. All directly from the camera. Even emailed my wife a link to a photo directly from the camera. Camera IS a bit of a battery hog, but I was expecting it.

    Update: Since I concentrated on human factors in my review, I thought I would weigh in on flash location interfering with handhold
    position. Personally, I didn’t notice it until I read the other reviews. I’ve had other cameras with pop up flashes, so I think I just automatically adjusted to it. That said, I can see how it would annoy some people. The flash is located in the front left-hand corner of the camera, but there IS sufficient space behind the flash to place your finger. Could be a problem if you have large hands, I suppose.. Motor is also strong enough to remind me to move it when it pops up.

    Update 20 May:: There is a glitch that’s been widely reported that shows that the battery is drained when in video mode. This is a glitch in the indicator, not the actual battery life. Cannon has acknowledged the problem and is working on a fix. Expect the next firmware update to address the issue.
    Update 5 June: New Firmware Released Today!! Details Firmware Version incorporates the following fixes and improvements:

    1. Increases the duration of movie shooting by 20% in cases where the optical zoom is used compared to cameras running Firmware Version or Firmware Version through a reduction in the power consumption of the optical zoom.

    *Time under default camera settings, when normal operations are performed, such as shooting, pausing, turning the camera on and off, and zooming. (based on conditions established by Canon).
    -Under some shooting conditions, the recording time may be shorter than mentioned above.
    -Recording time with a fully charged battery.

    2. Fixes a phenomenon with cameras running firmware version, in which the low battery level warning is prematurely displayed while shooting in movie mode.

    Firmware Version is for cameras with firmware Version or Version If the camera’s firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update the firmware. Please note that, once the camera is updated to the latest version, it cannot be restored to a previous

    I installed it with no problems.

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  2. Just Another Reviewer says:
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    A Great Campact Camera, May 1, 2013
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    This review is from: Canon PowerShot SX280 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 20x Image Stabilized Zoom 25mm Wide-Angle Lens and 1080p Full-HD Video (Black) (Electronics)

    Enough said about how good this compact camera is in the other reviews. Only two quick comments: It is an excellent compact zoom camera complimentary to my SLR camera/lens collection on the road for quick shots (photo & video) without lens changing. Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Case provides good protection and a perfect fit with room for extra battery and SD card.

    Update 5/8/2013: Per Canon technical support, the battery inside the camera cannot be charged via USB port like your cell phone when connecting to PC or outside USB power source.

    Update 5/13/2013: When using “AUTO” on the dial as well as “”AUTO” ISO” in “P”, “Tv” and “Av”, the ISO is automatically selected from 80 to 1600, not to 3200 or 6400. To manually select ISO 3200 or 6400 in “P”, “Tv” and “Av”, you need to select “FUNC. SET” and then choose the 3200 or 6400 under the”ISO” list.

    Update 5/19/2013 The flashing “low battery” warning in the video mode is indeed a design fault of the battery indicator not the battery itself. With a freshly charged battery, I can take either around 200 photos or about 30 minutes video (1080p 30fps). The low battery warning comes in about 2 minutes into the video shooting after some zooming.

    Update 5/20/2013 Per Canon technical support, Canon is trying to resolve this “low battery” warning issue in the video mode. Decided to return this wonderful camera. Will buy it when the issue is resolved.

    Update 6/5/2013 Canon just published a firmware update for SX280 to fix the low battery warning issue in the video mode at this web link: ( Click on “Drivers & Software”. Select your computer’s Operating System and OS Version. Click on “Firmware”. Download the firmware zip file and unzip the file. Follow the instruction in the PDF file to update the firmware.

    Update 6/7/2013 I repurchased a new SX280 with the hope that the low battery warning issue has been fixed by this firmware update. I updated the new camera to the new firmware from following the procedure in the PDF file. The premature low battery warning in the video mode for the updated SX280 has improved but not fixed.

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  3. J. Malinsky says:
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    Terrific Camera Overall, May 11, 2013
    J. Malinsky

    This review is from: Canon PowerShot SX280 HS 12.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 20x Image Stabilized Zoom 25mm Wide-Angle Lens and 1080p Full-HD Video (Black) (Electronics)

    Hi there

    I’ve replied to a few reviews of this product before choosing to write my own, while keeping in mind everyone’s opinions (especially about the battery) thus far.

    Out of the way, I too noticed “problems” when shooting video on a not-fully charged battery. I put the word in quotes, because in my experience/view, it’s really a software problem that can be fixed with an upcoming firmware update. It just flashes red prematurely, and you can certainly repeat steps to have that happen consistently. Also, you’ll only get about 30 minutes or so of 1920/60fps HD video per charge (keep in mind the battery will likely be flashing red most of the time). But keep in mind, its really just a bug. When you power up your camera, the true charge is shown on the indicator.

    I took the camera with me today to shoot a typical days worth of exciting things with my kids. I took about 35 photos, and a combined 7 minutes of full HD/1920/60fps video. I also transferred a few images wirelessly to my Android phone. After all that, my battery is still showing as fully charged and does not do the ‘premature red battery’ even if i take it to video. So that seems like a decent day for me, and it doesn’t show a dent (and rightly so). I’ll just have to remember to charge the battery fully before I take it out.

    In the end, I do recommend the camera because of what I bought it for: excellent, truly best-in-class images from a camera under $400. This camera is my ‘2nd’ camera, for times when I don’t feel like dragging my DSLR around. The images aren’t as good as a DSLR (no surprise) but they are by far the best images I’ve taken with a point-and-shoot. The 20x optical zoom is truly incredible, and the true/natural Image Stabilization (*not* digital) is fantastic: you can actually take a 20x zoomed picture without it being blurry! Not only that, the IS during video shooting makes it smooth-as-silk on playback, especially in truly stunning 60fps mode. Shutter-lag isn’t as good as a DSLR (because the concept doesnt exist with mirrors), but it’s miles ahead of my last 2011 P&S and also faster than my 2013 smartphone camera.

    I can see why the video/battery issue is so frustrating: the video from this thing is truly amazing (stereo, Image Stabilization, and did I mention 1920 and 60fps yet??!) and you *want* to shoot a ton with it. It’s also in ultra-convenient mp4 format right out-of-the-camera. And it does a superb job of focusing as you zoom on video (my older p&s wouldn’t let me zoom in video mode at all). But if video is really your mojo, get a camcorder for the same price and be happy. If you’re after stills, or shooting video “shorts”, this is your bet. And hopefully the short-ish battery on video will make better videographers out of people by forcing them to cut down on the extra crap they shoot that nobody watches anyways 🙂

    Touching on a few remaining things: I love that the camera has a metal body, love its hefty weight (remember when cameras felt like cameras and not TV remotes?) and dig the wireless. I’m not a GPS guy because the privacy issue freaks me out, so I don’t run the GPS. As mentioned by other reviewers, the wireless is a bit tricky to set up if you want to go camera->computer wirelessly – you’ll have to run the software on the CD (it retrieves the latest version from the net automatically). The easiest set-up is camera->smartphone; as long as they’re on the same network, transfers are easy. If there’s no wireless where you’re shooting, you can actually use the camera as an access point itself and connect your smartphone/tablet to the *camera’s* network. Keep in mind that the wireless transfer is *not* eye-fi: you have to *select* the images you want to send, after they’ve been shot (photos aren’t automatically transferred wirelessly as you shoot). Believe it or not, you can actually tweet from the camera itself. That being said, I think the omission of Flickr is a drag, but perhaps that’s because they are pushing their own “Canon Image Gateway” service for photo sharing/storage.

    Also, I appreciate the restraint in megapixels… the filesizes and document sizes are realistic and appropriate for people who aren’t blowing photos up to large dimensions. Focusing on image quality instead of megapixel count is a much welcomed approach in my opinion, and I hope the ridiculous megapixel race slows down in order to focus on the sensor quality/lenses that can be crammed into a P&S size camera.

    Also, coming from DSLR world, I’m actually pretty happy with the amount of customization offered. The manual (on the CD only) is chock full of information, including how to use the self-timer in “wink” mode (wink to take the shot!!). All modes I shoot on (M/AV/TV/P) offer *center only* focus. I haven’t seen that mentioned too often, but that is *exactly* what I like – in fact the first thing I do on my DSLRs/new cameras is turn off the ‘smart…

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