Canon PowerShot ELPH 530 HS 10.1 MP Wi-Fi Enabled CMOS Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 28mm Wide-Angle Lens with 1080p Full HD Video and 3.2-Inch Touch Panel LCD (White) Reviews

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  1. D. Gutterud "SDave" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Great pictures….but I expected more, July 5, 2012
    D. Gutterud “SDave” (St. Paul, MN United States) –

    I bought this camera based on prior experience with ELPHs and a raving review from the salesperson in the store. I wish I would have done some research before buying but I had left my other camera in my office and needed to take some photos on a jobsite 4 hours from home.

    I’ll start by saying that it does, for the most part, take very good looking photos in pretty much any situation and in any light. The zoom is great and the stabilization is actually very good even when zoomed in. I rarely get fuzzy or out-of-focus shots with this camera. And the focus is very fast and usually pretty accurate.

    I actually really like the screen. It’s nice and big and I thought the touchscreen was great once I figured it out. I will admit that the menus are not set up the way I would have done it but now I kind of know where to go and it works fine. No, it is not an iPhone/iPad like screen but I think it works well. If the menu system/software was more intuitive it would be a great way to control the camera.

    My favorite thing about the touchscreen is moving the focus…one tap and the focus point for the camera can be changed. Very convenient.

    I also really like the size and weight – it is small but not too small. Yes, it is heavier than a lot of cameras in this class but it feels solid and well built. I like the overall feel.

    I also like the HDMI out. This thing takes pretty good videos (including iframe) and the HDMI out is great for sharing them quickly.

    Now, things I don’t like:
    1) I hate how the photo playback is set up. It is way more difficult than it should be…especially considering that this is a touch screen.

    2) Battery life sucks…especially if you want to use WiFi. If you are going to change to a new style battery why not make it one that packs some power. These little canisters suck.

    3) WiFi is a waste of time, battery life and money. Transfer is PAINFULLY slow and unless you have your camera plugged in you are going to drain your battery by the time the photos are uploaded. So why have a wireless transfer if you have to plug in for power? I’ll be pulling the card and using my card reader….every time.

    4) I hate where they put the view photos button..right next to the power button. Stupid.

    5) No easy way to force a flash. You can disable the flash in two taps but there is no easy way to force a flash. That should be a one step option. Even “low light” setting doesn’t automatically force a flash or give you an option for one.

    6) There are many nice “shooting modes” but you can’t combine them. So if you want to do more than one thing you have to go in a manually program. The “Smart Auto” is actually very good for most situations but when you need to do something special it can take a couple of minutes to get it set up.

    7) Price. If this camera worked as well as the marketing materials says it does than the price would be fine. However, I don’t think it lives up to it’s billing and, accordingly, is not worth the extra money.

    Will I keep it? Yes, because I was too lazy to take it back within the 30 days and because I am now used to it. The pictures and videos are very good but I still find myself cursing at the camera at least once during each use.

    Would I buy it again if I could start over? No. There are better options in this price range.

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    not sure why others can’t get it to work, April 9, 2012
    onestopnyc (New York, NY) –

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    This review is from: Canon PowerShot ELPH 530 HS 10.1 MP Wi-Fi Enabled CMOS Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 28mm Wide-Angle Lens with 1080p Full HD Video and 3.2-Inch Touch Panel LCD (White) (Electronics)

    I have had this camera for about a week now and I enjoy it. I already own the Sony NEX 7 but wanted something small enough that didn’t have a ringtone. I agree with one reviewer that the white model should not have been matte. It is easy to stain the body with dirty fingers for example. I would use magic sponge to clean it though, just don’t get it too wet.

    Let’s be clear, this is not a smartphone when it comes to the touchscreen. The UI is working well for me and responsive. The wifi feature is working well with my iPhone and iPad and since I have photostream on the photos show up on my mac. I have not yet tried to link my camera to the computer. It does take good pictures and so far I am enjoying it.

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  3. T. Sheridan says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Exactly the compact camera I’ve been looking for, August 2, 2012
    T. Sheridan

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    I have been looking for a good compact camera for a long time. I am an amateur photographer with a Canon 5D and wanted a small camera I could have with me without the weight of the 5D. Any compact I tried suffered from poor quality photos or very slow responsiveness. The time from pressing the shutter release to actual capture of the photo was my biggest issue with using a compact camera for `snapshots.’ If I was just trying to capture a moment at a party, the compact’s delay was always an issue. So I was stuck with carrying the giant 5D everywhere or missing out on some photo opportunities.

    The ELPH 530 HS has completely filled my requirements. I spent a few days wandering around my house and yard with both cameras and taking the same shots. The quality of the 530 was almost always up to that of the 5D. The automatic settings are excellent, and even in some tricky backlit situations made the right call on exposure. The only situation where the 5D beat the 530 (but not by much) was in very low light, non-flash situations. So when I’m taking photos in dark churches I will still rely on the 5D, but on almost every other situation the 530 will do nicely.

    I did not think I would use any of the special effects on the camera but quickly found some useful. When at a dance competition for my daughter I was able to use the color filter function to snap B&W photos where one color is left in. This was great for shots that made the red of their outfits pop in a sea of gray. I could have done this with the 5D, but would have needed to load the photo on my PC and do some work in photoshop. Instead I had the photos on Facebook within a minute of taking them.

    That’s the other main reason I chose this camera over some others I was looking at, such as the Canon S100 – it has built-in wifi. And it works really well with my iPhone which was my hope for future vacation photos sent from anywhere to friends or posted to Facebook without needing to lug a laptop around. I have not tried the other connections possible from the 530, such as your home wifi to a folder on your pc or to the Canon sharing site. I wanted to be able to get the images to my phone and do what I wanted with them and this works perfectly. When I am home I pop the card into a reader on my PC so I don’t see a need to use the home wifi. It seems you need to choose the images individually to save them to your iPhone, but as that is what I normally do I haven’t tried to do anything else, such as `send all photos to my iPhone.’

    The one negative I noticed in other reviews is battery life, and from the perspective of the 5D DSLR, it’s very short. I can go all day with the 5D on a single battery, shooting 1,000 images and not thinking about it. Of course I have spares for that camera and cycle them through the charger when on a vacation. The literature states 500-600 photos on a charge and after a full day of shooting that is probably about right. I purchased a pair of third party batteries on Amazon fairly cheaply and they seem fine.

    I rarely shoot any video and haven’t tried it on the 530, but it’s there and in HD.

    In a direct comparison to a DSLR like the 5D the 530 would hold up fairly well in my opinion in most aspects. Of course the reason to use a DSLR is to have control over the exposure and the 530 has limited `modes’ rather than a method to set the exposure directly. The Canon S100 had this ability and I nearly bought it for that reason, intending to add a wifi memory card. When I thought about my true reason for a compact camera, the ability to have a quality camera with me at all times to capture everyday shots, I realized I did not need the control of the S100. For over $100 less the 530 seemed a good buy. Since the 530 includes wifi, that made the s100 another $80 more expensive as I’d have to add it.

    The only feature I could think of that the 530 was missing is a GPS function that records the location of images. That would have been nice, and some compacts have that, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me.

    So, after about a month of trying it in a number of situations I am very pleased with the 530. The camera works as I hoped and the wifi and software for transfer to my iphone work well. I gave up on the image-browser software for the PC as I still use an old version of Canon zoombrowser to transfer to my PC. Imagebrowser seemed very slow as it tried to organize the thousands of image son my PC.

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