Canon Powershot ELPH 300HS Test Images/Video – One Week Later

After using the Canon Powershot ELPH 300HS (IXUS 220HS) for about a week, here are my thoughts on photo and video quality. Overall, I am blown away by the control this camera gives the user. Included are some test images and 1080p HD test footage. Twitter – Facebook – Blog – Flickr – Google+ – Thanks for watching as always! If you have any specific questions regarding this camera or its quality, feel free to create some discussion in the comments and I will get back to you!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Canon Powershot SX20 IS Review. This is our review around the Canon Powershot SX20 IS, one of Canon’s most advanced Superzoom camera. Features a 20x optical zoom, 12.1 megapixel sensor, 720p HD video recording, and an articulated screen. Has some pretty impressive feaures. if you have any questions, please leave a comment or a message and be sure to subscribe to the HazardTeamCK Channel! Special Thanks to J. Roque for providing us with the camera to review!
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  1. Carlos Enrique says:

    So pretty…

  2. thisbeangelikaa says:

    i film beauty youtube videos and i was wondering if this would be a good camera for that i want the canon rebel t3i but that is a little too expensive for me right now

  3. representing50plus says:

    I just checked this is the first video since I got the 16g class 10 SD card could that be the problem.

  4. representing50plus says:

    I’m not sure what I did but I shot a video as I have before and need to convert and I’ve tried to programs and it won’t let me convert the video. Did you convert this before you uploaded it?

  5. Frank Smit says:

    gee kudo’s on the review. Thanks. I have the 220 hs already, but got the lens error. Wanted to buy a nice one, but it seems it’s still the 220hs (same as elph 300hs ?) rocking the scene.

  6. aclowes1 says:

    This looks like it’s filmed with your T3i

  7. friendstofriends says:

    What editing program do you use?

  8. paradoxdesigns says:

    I know its ages old, but i really like your review. I just got the camera and i am thinking of doing a one week later type video, too, as it takes awhile to get used to new toys. Cheers!

  9. keashy1089 says:

    So is this similar to the elph 110?!

  10. amiyamify says:

    a pretty girl talking about cameras and stuff :)) wow 🙂

  11. janel mata says:

    I have the same camera but what do I do so it’s not blurry when I upload to YouTube?

  12. teamoldcp says:

    What video editing program do you use!

    I use windows movie maker, but I can’t put the clips on it until I convert the file.

  13. TheSaryyy says:

    How is the focus on this camera? Like if I wuld put something a bit closer to the lense, wuld it fucus clearly? 🙂

  14. Chopper Weei says:

    Yea i just get 1 today~ charging the battery right now~ Gonna test it later!

  15. TruBeauty15 says:

    So i use Windows Movie Maker, if i use this camera to film and edit my videos with the movie maker will the quality be poor?

  16. ForeverG5 says:

    Class 10 if you’re doing any kind of HD video

  17. representing50plus says:

    Hi what class memory card do you recommend . I was looking online and see alot of talk about this. Do you use a class 6 or 10

  18. representing50plus says:

    PROBLEM- I have this camera and the problem is you CAN ONLY SHOOT 10 MINUTE clip videos. So if you’re using it for youtube you may have to shoot a couple of clips and edit it together. I made a video that was long and I planned to edit it but I couldn’t do that because it just shuts off. Really annoying.
    My old camera never had this problem.

  19. withloveRoxanneB says:

    Just wondering if you think I should stick to getting the 300 or the 320? The 320 is a few dollars more. Some guy wa selling a brand new 300 for $140… But I’m debating.

  20. ForeverG5 says:

    This will be just as good, if not better because of the manual features. Thanks for watching!

  21. withloveRoxanneB says:

    Thank you so much for this vid. I think I know which cam I am going to purchase now… Question: I’ll mainly recording YT vids… do you recommend me sticking to a camcorder or eh, this camera will be just as good?

  22. ForeverG5 says:

    They just created an updated model. The 300HS was a year old. It’s just natural progression. The 300HS is still current technology though. The 110 is similar but if you can get a cheaper 300HS, it’s nearly the same quality.

  23. andyurnerd101 says:

    What about the 110? And when did they stop selling this one?

  24. ForeverG5 says:

    No, they don’t. But I am selling mine on eBay here. Search: “Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS / IXUS 220 HS 12.1 MP Black + EXTRAS – LIGHTLY USED”. The seller username is seveniweb.

  25. andyurnerd101 says:

    Do they still sell this one?

  26. Hazardteamck says:

    There is no such thing as a Nikon Powershot sx10is, however there is a Canon Powershot sx10is.

  27. ipodUser242 says:

    i have the nikon powershot sx10is …. they look almost the same…so the manuel for this applys to my camera as well?

  28. johnpdavis says:

    Replying to a year old comment might be a moot point, however… There is the option to manual focus on the D-pad ring that’s located on the back of the camera. I have used it for video and other photo modes. Makes for good video transition effect, although for video I suggest at least using a monopod to reduce camera shake 🙂

  29. Hazardteamck says:

    Read your manual. I doubt it however.

  30. Hazardteamck says:


  31. Hazardteamck says:

    Glad to hear it.

  32. L33tSneakster says:

    Can you manually focus the camera by turning the ring around the lens?

  33. randalusa says:

    Cool review. Plenty of details and close-up shots helping me cover a lot of the ground before even going to the store.

  34. Hazardteamck says:

    Yes, I think it is a good advanced beginner camera.

  35. Hazardteamck says:

    Could be an updated firmware. Try check for the latest firmware.

  36. kdoranuofm says:

    Nice review on the SX 20. I just purchased this camera and noticed I don’t have the same menu options you do. For instance I don’t have the Servo AF, Continuous AF, MF-Point Zoom, Safety MF, Spot AE Point, and i-Contrast. Do you have any idea why? Do you know if I will have control over the IS features without them? Thanks.

  37. Hazardteamck says:

    Thank you. Personally, I would go for the SX20IS because of the DSLR styled body and the 20x optical zoom. The SX210IS on the other hand has 14 megapixels and a compact body. Personally I would go for the SX20IS.

  38. csanand17 says:

    The most detailed review ever….I am confused between sx210is and sx20..please advice………which one I should buy?

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