Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 24mm Wide-Angle Lens and 1080p Full HD Video Recording (Pink)

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  1. M. Coleman says:
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    Quality Camera, Great Pictures and Videos, Great Price, April 23, 2012
    M. Coleman (Burbank, CA USA) –

    This was a quality purchase and I did a huge amount of research as well as visiting and speaking with reps at both Best Buy and Frys. And I would’ve actually bought on Amazon had I had more time before going on vacation but I bought it at Frys Electronics.

    First off, I did many comparisons to other Canons recently released. This camera has all of the features of the 320HS except for the WiFi and the touch screen. This camera is identical except for those two features. And at the time of this purchase, those features were $30 more on that camera. But I also considered that the possibility of hardware failures increases the more features you add. Also, I didn’t want to “miss a moment” waiting for the lag of a touch screen. I wanted to be able to push a button and have the picture snap. I also hate giving the camera to someone to snap a group photo and them not knowing where to touch on the screen. The traditional shutter button was a plus in my book.

    As for other features, I did a side by side comparison of the 520HS, 320HS, 310HS and 530HS. I opted for a higher resolution and a lower optical zoom because but with the Digic5 processor because, for casual photos, 5x optical should be sufficient. If I want to get a higher resolution with a greater optical zoom, I will just upgrade to a DSLR camera.

    I’ve also owned Canon’s for many years and I was happy with previous versions. With the 110HS I took a couple hundred shots on a recent vacation and several videos in HD. The videos came out great with good sound quality for a point and shoot. And the photos were exceptional for the price point.

    Personally I also like the auto focus features and the fact that it seems to calculate exposures and makes adjustments when I don’t have the flash on. I did find that turning the flash off gives a much more natural look and with it on my photo subjects seemed to run “hot” so I opted to have it off except in low light situations. The button configuration to toggle the flash on and off is both ergonomic and intuitive.

    Additionally, the menus are standard Canon-type, so if you are used to them, you will enjoy a familiar interface. If you are not used to Canon cameras, it won’t take long to learn.

    Also, the quality of the hardware is good overall, but it does have a sort of plastic-ish feel. Not bad, as it keeps it lightweight, but be aware that some may find it chintzy feeling. I, personally, think it feels light and nice. The battery lasted for about 2 days taking a combination of videos and pictures but I always kept it off and in the storage case (for power conservation) when not in use.

    Finally, I do have to admit again that I bought the camera at Fry’s Electronics in Burbank due to the fact that I was going on vacation the very next day. I bought the SquareTrade warranty direct from SquareTrade, which I felt was a great deal for about $50 bucks for 3 years. It’s the same on Amazon’s site or going through them but you cannot get the 2 year warranty if you go through SquareTrade directly and it seems you can get 2 years full coverage on Amazon, which I would have preferred.

    All in all, this is a quality camera with a reasonable battery life, good quality pictures and videos with an intuitive interface. I give it 5-stars and am very happy with my purchase.

    PS: I also got a SDHC 16 gig card, class 10 and it seems to be pretty speedy. I’d recommend getting one of those or larger as this camera does not include storage. Also look at picking up some sort of a case. I bought a CaseLogic case with a plush interior (from K-Mart for $10) and am happy with that as well.

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  2. P. McWhorter says:
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    Stunning Pictures, April 27, 2012
    P. McWhorter (Christoval, Texas) –
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    In preparing for a trip to a remote area of East Africa, I needed a camera that would fit in my pocket. I have a nice Canon Rebel with all the lenses, but the fear was that if I packed that in my luggage it would be stolen, and it is too bulky to fit in my very limited carry on bag. I purchased the Canon Powershot in the hopes that it would take reasonable pictures. My expectations were that it would not do as well as what I had come to expect with my full size Canon.

    The bottom line was that I was blown away with the picture quality and functionality of the camera. I was shocked at the brilliance, contrast and sharpness of the images. I took several thousand pictures on the trip and did not get one bad shot.

    Also due to limited space in my carry on bag, I was not able to take a separate video camcorder. I was pleasantly surprised with the video and sound quality from this small unit.

    Very rarely have I been as pleased with a product as I am with this one. It gets my enthusiastic recommendation!

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    Great Feature Set!, May 11, 2012
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    I originally purchased as a gift the Canon PowerShot A3400 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 28mm Wide-Angle Lens with 720p HD Video Recording and 3.0-Inch Touch Panel LCD (RED BUNDLE) which included the red camera, a case, and a memory card.

    Instead I ended up purchasing for her the Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 24mm Wide-Angle Lens and 1080p Full HD Video Recording (Silver) and returning the A3400.

    Having been a Canon fan and owner for many years, since my first Elph, here were my reasons.

    The 24mm wide angle zoom combined with 16.1 MP, DIGIC5, 1080P video, image stabilization, and 5x optical zoom, along with a great array of Canon special effects make this an unbeatable package in a Canon PowerShot Elph.

    The 3-inch LCD is nice and bright at 461,000 pixels. It is pocket-sized at 3.67 x 2.24 x 0.79 in.

    Overall, this camera produces snappy, bright, colorful shots in a surprising variety of lighting conditions, all in a tiny little package. It has fun effects like Toy Camera, Miniature, Sepia, and Black and White.

    The Elph 110 HS records video in HD 1080p at 24 fps or 720p at 30 fps.

    Who should get it:

    * If you like to shoot in low light. (see note below)
    * If you want to shoot HD video in 1080p
    * If you want a wide angle lens, this one has a 24mm wide angle lens
    * If you’d like a Super Slow Motion Movie Mode that records video at high speeds to allow playback in slow motion.
    * If you want that “real film” feel – this one supports 24p movies
    * The Elph 110 HS has a high resolution LCD screen

    Battery life:

    * Battery life is not the best I’ve seen – this camera is rated by Canon to get 170 shots out of a battery — your experience may vary if you are shooting video. You may want to keep a spare battery on hand.

    A note about photos in low light:

    At first glance, the images appear to be good in low light. And for MOST purposes, it IS good in low light. But if I zoom in at an image to look at the details, I can see that finer details in the image are missing at higher ISOs. I use Photoshop though, so I zoom in really large on an image. Expect some detail missing if you are shooting in low light at higher ISOs. But for most general purposes, this camera will do fine in low light.

    Some other cool features of this camera:

    * Color Accent – You pick one color to accent in your picture, and leave the rest of the picture in black and white. You pick out the color that is present in your scene before you take the photo. Everything in your photo that is, say, the color red, will show up as red, and everything else will show up as black and white.

    * Face ID Detection – Allows you to keep track of 12 faces (grouped as babies, children or adults), which you “register” by recording them with the camera. You can then search for photos with these people in them. For parents with babies, if the camera recognizes your baby is smiling, it will take 3 photos in rapid succession instead of a single shot. It has the ability to detect if your toddler is sleeping: if the camera detects this, it will turn off the flash and silence the shutter.

    * Super Slow Motion Video Recording – great for recording video of sports events. It records at 120fps or 240fps and plays back at 30fps which gives the effect of slow motion. It only records at 640×480 or 320×240.

    How it compares to other Canon Elphs:

    The Elph 110 HS is very close to the Canon Elph 320 HS, except the Elph 320 HS has a touchscreen, wifi and a larger viewscreen. The Elph 110 HS has a slightly faster high-speed burst mode and is a little lighter.

    The Elph 310 HS has an 8x zoom and has better macro. It can shoot at 3.5 fps continuous shooting vs the Elph 110 HS’s 2 fps. The Elph 310 HS has DIGIC4 whereas the Elph 110 HS has DIGIC5. The 110 HS has the better 24 mm wide angle lens.

    The Elph 520 HS has 10.1 MP, a 12x optical zoom, and a faster 1/4000 shutter speed than the Elph 110 HS. But it has the decreased MP and it doesn’t have the wide angle lens of the 110 HS. The Elph 520 HS’s aperture is also wider at f3.4, so it doesn’t let in as much light.

    The Elph 100 HS is slightly cheaper than the Elph 110 HS and has 12.1 MP and DIGIC4, slower shutter speed at 1/1,500, and about half as many dots on the LCD screen; however, its continuous shooting mode is 3.4 fps versus the 110 HS’s 2 fps and in high-speed burst mode the Elph 100 HS is 8.2 fps…

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