Canon PowerShot D20: Video review

We sit down with Canon’s latest point and shoot the PowerShot D20. Check out our full written review here:


  1. patricio silva says:

    I have a cannon roll for 6 years and now I have new scrappage as a digital cannon, I trust in this brand more than another

  2. Zarren Sanders says:

    WOW! Nice review, Straight to the point with no bull like most others out there. Well Done indeed.

  3. Madowstone says:

    its a little expensive for what u get.

  4. songthirtyone says:


  5. Thanks for the review i gonna get one I think is an amazing machine

  6. Cool camera. And super hot chick.

  7. nikon’s better

  8. informative and short, 5*

  9. not a fair review 🙂 anyhow thanks for sharing.

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