Canon PowerShot A2400 Vs. Canon PowerShot A4000

Our head to head comparison with two of Canon’s pocket-sized PowerShot cameras—the A2400 and A4000. Check out the link below to read our camera comparison ar…

A short, sharp review of the PowerShot SX40 HS, Canon’s latest premium ultra-zoom camera. Head to for more. Visit http://www.exp…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. SilverZPro says:

    how much canon powershot a2400 fps actually is?? is it great in slow motion?

  2. SilverZPro says:

    how much canon powershot a2400 fps actually is?? is it great in slow motion?

  3. SilverZPro says:

    how much canon powershot a2400 fps actually is?? is it great in slow motion?

  4. SilverZPro says:

    how much canon powershot a2400 fps actually is?? is it great in slow motion?

  5. Ray Renar says:

    Almost a year after, I got A2400 IS today. I didn’t mind a bit about A4000 at all. Not bad for just some snap shooting.

  6. Roccio Menzel says:

    creo que la A2400 tiene estabilizador óptico y el la otra estabilizador digital

  7. alittlebitofmoi says:

    The A2400 seems like a better choice

  8. JCris DUL says:

    Canon PowerShot A2400 Vs. Canon PowerShot A23000?
    cual es la diferencia? gracias..

  9. 8976010 says:

    love it

  10. eatm3dry says:

    i went with the a2400 :)))) 

  11. Hajar Yousry says:

    Got a Samsung Galaxy S3 rather

  12. Daniel Lim says:

    did you buy any camera at all? if you did, what camera? =)

  13. Jaja Hammad says:


  14. Daniel Lim says:

    What camera did you get?

  15. shortsharpreviews says:

    The Canon EOS 1100D is pretty good but it’s getting a bit old now. I prefer the Nikon D3100, especially if video is important.

  16. Nora James says:

    what do you think of canon 1100 D , i have no idea if its good or not

  17. avarex18 says:

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    Stay Blessed Guys 🙂

  18. ImaginePeacePro says:

    Yeah, I was going to say, if you’ve got a superzoom at 140x optical, what are you doing here? 😀

  19. Jaja Hammad says:

    -Canon PowerShot SX40 HS
    -Nikon P510

    what shall I get better ? n why?

  20. Dan Dadds says:

    would this camera be good for vlogs?

  21. sergiogr says:

    how does this perform at night?

  22. andrettransformer says:

    No, 140x zoom is just DIGITAL zoom which means that the computer is zooming, the sx40 also has 140x zoom, the 35x is OPTICAL zoom, which means that its real zoom made by the lens.

  23. smilsmff says:

    i got more zoom with is 30, 140x

  24. Patriol666 says:

    is it a weapon?

  25. YouKnowWhoTheBand says:

    how does it handle in low-light shooting?

  26. João Paulo says:

    0:12  + zoom 35, the best!

  27. agengandriyano says:

    Thanks for the review sir 🙂

  28. shortsharpreviews says:

    It’s great but not perfect… Google “HS30EXR expert reviews” for my written review.

  29. agengandriyano says:

    Hi there,, what do you think about fujifilm finepix hs30????

  30. shortsharpreviews says:

    GF3 is smaller, faster and better in low light, but no zoom function with its pancake lens. SX40 has a much more versatile lens so better for wildlife, macro.

  31. Hi, I don’t know if these are even comparable but Canon sx40 hs or Lumix DMC-GF3 ?

  32. usukker says:

    this is my favorit camera. im gonna buy one soon

  33. shortsharpreviews says:

    FZ150 the best choice for video.

  34. shortsharpreviews says:

    I’ve just reviewed the HS30 at Expert Reviews (moving house and no time to make a YouTube video, sorry). Both great cameras but of the two I’d go for the SX40.

  35. A Ahmed says:

    Ur reviews are amazingly crisp & awesome…just need 1 suggestion …i shot videos a lot than pics espcially of trains which is a moving object would FZ150 b d best choice or any other bridge camera u wud recommend as am highly confused between SX40 & FZ150…thank u in advance

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