Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D Hands On and Touch Screen Demo

Paul from Porter’s provides us with a hands on review of the Canon Rebel t4i/650D with a demonstration of the new touchscreen. More data on the T4i can be fo…

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  1. PortersCamera says:

    Not really . . . but it gets cool points.

  2. Kevin Ko says:

    then the touch screen is not that important/necessary.

  3. PortersCamera says:

    good question. Some photographers, me included, find we change settings while shooting with the camera up to our eye using the viewfinder. having buttons, and know where they are allow you to make some of those changes without backing up and looking. Also, the screen can flip all the way around for protection. the buttons then being the only way to make changes.

  4. Kevin Ko says:

    Then why make the buttons?

  5. Chris Lynam says:

    He sounds like Kermit the Frog…annoying.

  6. luckybait says:

    thank you. clear and to the point !

  7. sally7498 says:

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  8. WhatTechShow says:

    Please cut your hair like Bradley Cooper, it would look a lot better and possibly increase your sales 😀

  9. jasoncarulla says:

    do you know if a touch screen protector affects touch sensitivity?

  10. SUSAN FELSTEAD says:

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  11. MisaMisuMajide says:

    Just ordered mine :’) got a great bundle with 18-135 lens

  12. Nick Stephen says:

    Canon EOS Rebel T4i = $766 @

    FREE Shipping.

  13. Mariangelica Lopez de herrera says:

    Of course t4i is better than t3i. Hdr option in t4i it’s great!! And 5frames per second it’s great

  14. Miguel2arch8angel says:

    Canon EOS 60D or Canon EOS Rebel T4i?

  15. Dominic London says:

    Do you think we’ll see a Nikon D5200 this year?

  16. I need some advise. Is for my wife, she is new in photopgraphy…..This t4i or nikon D3200 ? thanks

  17. Marvin Pop says:

    What did you with your hairs???

  18. dreamnation100 says:

    okay thank you very much :)

  19. PortersCamera says:

    Hard to say, Canon is tight lipped but Photokina is coming up, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another slr, but probably not another in the Rebel series. Just my 2 cents!

  20. dreamnation100 says:

    are there any new dslr from canon coming out before this year? because I am planing on getting one and it would be terrible if the next week a newer model comes out ?

  21. Very good and clear information on the camera and it’s features. Thanks

  22. Jackson Welch says:

    Bad audio

  23. PortersCamera says:

    Yes, in my experience around the shop it seems to be MUCH quicker than the T3i and adds full-time AF in live view. But using the eye level viewfinder is still better for tracking action in my opinion. If you need the fastest live view AF, consider any of the Sony Alpha cameras using the translucent mirror technology.

  24. @PortersCamera: The main thing keeping me from getting a T3i is that the live view autofocus is apparently quite slow for still images. Some reviews have said that 4 seconds to focus is “not uncommon.” Have you noticed that the T4i’s new hybrid AF system decrease live view AF time? I’d love for it to get down to 1-2 seconds.

  25. Emmy Vargas says:

    Off topic question: for filming events (ie weddings, parties) which would be an added asset in my kit 20, 24, or 28mm lens on a crop sensor dslr like the t4i?

  26. Sidney Alves do Nascimento says:

    Great video. I would say that it is awesome and really useful. Thank you for sharing!

  27. DrugFreeGeorge says:

    I like to go in RAW.

  28. logy2009 says:

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  29. deathblade909 says:

    Awesome video thanks

  30. terrygaume says:

    I finally found what I was looking for in this video THANK You!

  31. L3GITFIXIE says:

    my question is what is the advantage of jpeg? ive been shooting at RAW and really didnt know what i meant. hope for a reply – Kyle G

  32. Sumon Kumar says:

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  33. startphotography says:

    Awesome video. Thanks for the tutorial!

  34. Brian O'Brien says:

    I use raw + high quality jpg. When I offload my images (using iPhoto) two files are produced.
    Both however are jpg extensions.

    I know there is such a thing as Lossless JPEG, (and JPEG 2000), but I’m not sure if the data that iPhoto is storing isn’t being converted to a lossy jpg.

    Can one be sure that the data in the jpg file is lossless?

  35. Ryan Schiff says:

    why has the full playlist of the tutorial been taken down worked last night now gone very unhappy

  36. TheSunHeaven says:

    check out my channel for a dslr review if your making decisions on buying a camera!!! 😀 it´s my first video and i would love some opinions, and more videos are to come!!

  37. axelolson6 says:

    Pixel Extravaganza!!

  38. tarek nassany says:

    ok so these numbers are for an 8mb card?
    didn’t mention that..

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