Canon EOS Rebel T4i Video Test A 1080p video shot with the new Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D DSLR at 29.97…


  1. bohemianfleur says:

    Hi Chad, I’m a newbie. I’m just curios, looking at so many makeup gurus on YouTube and a lot of them using T4i because it’ll focus automatically (even when they’re zooming in some products to the camera while filming). But I really have no idea what lenses that probably go for it. Is that 35mm quite good? Or´╗┐ 100mm like yours? Thanks in advance! ­čÖé

  2. Chad Soriano says:

    You should use an external microphone such as the Rode VideoMic or the Azden ECZ 990 to isolate the AF noise´╗┐ of the T4i.

  3. Duyen Le says:

    I have the same camera but I don’t know´╗┐ how to silent the focus when recording. Please help

  4. Chad Soriano says:

    Actually, the newly announced Canon EOS 70D is better than the T4i and the T5i right now if you can wait until the new camera hits the´╗┐ store shelves in September 2013.

  5. aliasz alias says:

    both :)´╗┐

  6. Hi, which focusing mode to use for shooting moving objects better?´╗┐

  7. Chad Soriano says:

    All my equipment used in this video is´╗┐ listed in the above description.

  8. Zachary Garza says:

    What camera did he´╗┐ use to film the footage looking at the Cannon t4i at mark 00:20?

  9. Khyla Marie says:

    Should I but the canon t4i´╗┐ or t5i for videos??

  10. John Gulley says:

    Yeah that’s what weirds me out. It works, and well most of the time. I would much rather log and transfer than to do MPEG Streamclip every time. It works great just sometimes a clip only comes in partial duration, and I have to relog it. It seems to help if I set in and outs and not attempt to transfer the whole clip. Since it´╗┐ only does it a few times, I will deal. Thanks for sharing this modified .plist though, it’s a great tool to have.

  11. Chad Soriano says:

    I never had that happen to me before using my modified .plist in FCP 6.0.6. My best guess is to use a separate stand alone memory card reader and not a USB cable attached to the camera. My second guess is to start from scratch and trash the entire FCP plugin with modified .plist and reinstall again. I only say this as a last resort after all the trouble shooting has failed. I hope this´╗┐ helps. In my experience with the .plist, the transcode completely works or it does not at all.

  12. John Gulley says:

    Hey Chad, question that I didnt know where to put.

    I have modified my cameras.plist for the Canon Movie Plugin to allow for log and transfer straight into Final Cut Pro 7. My problem is that sometimes when transferring footage, it ends the transfer before the clip is over with no error message or anything.

    Say if my clip has a 12 minute duration, it will only capture a minute and a half. It doesn’t do this on all clips, just a few randomly.

    I have modified for T3i, T2i, and use a 60D.´╗┐

  13. Tim Siwula says:


  14. Chad Soriano says:

    All the equipment used in this video is listed in the description´╗┐ above.

  15. LOPEZ127091 says:

    what lens did you use to make this film it looks´╗┐ soo clear very nice hd

  16. penzilla27 says:

    Nice filmy look!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  17. Chad Soriano says:

    Only conventional camcorders perform better in the AF category. If you manually focus´╗┐ the lens, the best DSLR for video recording for the money is the Canon Rebel T3i.

  18. cutedollyme says:

    so which camera do u recommend which is best for recording and´╗┐ which does autofocus superbly?

  19. VisionAndQuality says:

    Hey, thanks again for the reply.´╗┐ You’ve been real helpful.

  20. Chad Soriano says:

    That combination should suit you just fine for now. Start building your prime lens collection´╗┐ within your budget and work your way up…

  21. VisionAndQuality says:

    Thaks for the reply. It’ll keep that in mind.
    So, what do you say about starting with a t4i and a 40mm lens?
    I´╗┐ know it has no zoom but I have heard it’s got a good performance when shotting SHORT FILMS. Which is what i plan to do with it.

  22. overtherainbowism says:

    Thank you so much Chad.´╗┐ I just got the same advice from a close friend as well. Thanks again!

  23. Chad Soriano says:

    Zooming while recording video takes practice and the right lens. All the Canon EF mount lenses does not have built in motors for a smooth´╗┐ zoom like conventional camcorders. Lenses with internal focusing optical zoom mechanisms such as the EF 70-200mm f/4L IS zoom smoothly. Basically any lens that does not have an extending or telescoping lens barrel during focusing or zooming at any focal length.

  24. VisionAndQuality says:

    Can you Zoom by any´╗┐ means while recording video?
    I’ve heard it is impossible but it sounds impossible to me that to be truth… Thanks for your answer beforehand.

  25. VisionAndQuality says:

    I totally agree with you on that one… Tight budget totally sucks… I am´╗┐ looking for a nice Short Film Camera, and the t4i seems a good option. Not sure about the lenses though. Let me know how it is working for you when you are using it. We could I don’t know, share some learn stuff, knowledge or experiences while film making… Not like I’m a professional yet either. ­čśë

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