Canon EOS Rebel T3i

The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is an 18mp DSLR with lots of automated and manual features for amateurs and pros alike. Canon EOS Rebel T3i…
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Hows it going everyone. I just picked up the newly released canon rebel t4i / 650d dslr camera from a local bestbuy! (stay tuned for the full review and tour…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Robert L Smith says:

    Good info.

  2. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

    @0180917 The battery life of the camera is good. If your question is about its battery not lasting long during video recording, the issue is not the battery, but the design of the sensor. Due to the limitation of sensor technology currently used in DSLRs, when recording video are all limited to how long a single recording clip can be, most top out at 4gb. The Rebel T3i at the highest resolution cannot record video longer than 11 mins. straight or 4gb.

    – Yossi O.

  3. Hourglass Productions says:

    Does it have decent battery life? Because the one thing that drew me away from the T3i was that you couldn’t shoot for very long at all–at least that’s what I’ve heard.

  4. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

    @0180917 The T3I is a good option for entry level filmmaking. The sensor and lens options give a very high video quality. Being that it is an HDSLR you will also be able to achieve a shallow depth of field which is desirable for filmmaking.

  5. Hourglass Productions says:

    Is this a good choice for aspiring filmmakers?

  6. weaponeer says:

    Due to camera failure, I’m considering getting the T3i for the purpose of a review, and then using the camera for six months to a year of full time video production for product reviews (tripod use only, and about 80% video and 20% photo use for product photos) before the final result review, what we liked, and an explanation of how it performed in the video environment using it as a primary video camera. disabled veteran pay budget is the limiting factor (might end up with a used T2i lol)

  7. Simon Jönsson says:

    ok thanks! 😀

  8. alphaphotoandvideo says:

    and the t3i feels better. I compared both at my local bb

  9. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

    @ivh007 The T3i has a tiltable screen, external mic, higher FPS of 3.7, bigger, 3.2′, higher rez screen, it supports 24P and does so in 1980 vs 720.

  10. More importantly, how is it any different from the T3 apart from the tilty screen?

  11. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

    @Simon Jönsson In the Sound Recording menu under Movie Tab. Set Sound Rec. to [MANUAL] to manually set gain.

  12. Simon Jönsson says:

    can you turn of the agc?

  13. using dots under pixels does not mean that they consider dots to be pixels. in fact, they use dots because if they tried to claim the lcd has 230,000 pixels, they’d be in serious legal trouble.

  14. that is not why they use the term “dots”. they use it to sucker people into thinking their lcds have 3X the resolution they actually have. 1 dot = 1 red, green or blue subpixel.

  15. I imagine that the larger numbers are great for marketing.

  16. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

    @dimmddr1 Canon USA’s website under the Canon Rebel T3i Specifications tab, under LCD Monitor, under Monitor size, states 2.7-inch (Screen aspect ratio of 4:3), and under Pixels, it states Approx 230,000 dots. Canon states under PIXELS that they have approximately 230,000 dots, indicating they consider dots as pixels. However, if you need a conversation concerning pixels vs. dots via Canon’s nomenclature, I would recommend contacting Canon Technical Support for assistance with your inquiry.

  17. That doesn’t make sense if the 600D has 1040000 dots with an aspect ratio of 3:2. If dot = pixel, therefore the resolution = ~1249-by-~833 pixels. If dot = subpixel, therefore the resolution = ~721-by-~481 pixels. The resolution is likely 720-by-480 pixels. Pixel = 3(Subpixel).

  18. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

    @dimmddr1 In the above comment, dot = pixel.

  19. Dot = Subpixel, right?

  20. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:

    @dimmddr1 In photography pixels refer to the pixels on the sensor that gather and interpret the light values and convert it into a photo. Pixels are also used in reference to LCD screens as well. In order to avoid confusion between the two, camera sensors are rated by megapixels and the lcd screens are rated by the number of dots on the screen. Thanks, Matt C.

  21. Erik Maynard says:

    The Canon T3i won’t autofocus? I’m pretty sure you guys said it did in this video around 2:14.

  22. Why aren’t LCD’s on cameras given in pixels?

  23. BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:


    We do indeed have a Canon Rebel T4i review in process. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll know the moment we post the video. Thanks for watching.

  24. Ipad2Adventures says:

    Canon t4i review please!

  25. CameraSLRPhoto says:

    I bought this camera as a gift to my son-in-law. And he got in love with it. Quality of the picture is good and it worth buying it if you are a photo geek.3

    here is the link to it in case anyone isinterested:amzn.to1bF2Cs0

  26. DigitalSLRPhoto1 says:

    I read a lot of reviews before settling on this camera, definitely worth the better 18-135mm ef-s lens. It seemed to take a while to get here but that is probably more because of where we live, shipping is slower in general. I use this camera all the time and love it.

    here is the link to it in case anyone isinterested:amzn.to14mOqEH

  27. DigitalSLRPhoto1 says:

    Exactly what I expected, this camera is everything you will need to take beautiful pictures of every kind. Portraits, landscape, and action shots. Very simple to use, and excellent craftsmanship. Looking forward to many years of fun!

    here is the link to it in case anyone isinterested:amzn.to13zPkHu

  28. Ahmed Alsaegh says:

    im geting a 650d

  29. Jay Shank says:

    I’m planning to get this one but bit confused b/w this and 700D.. Which is better…

  30. sonicamazingfulgamer says:

    I like i won’t it

  31. Patricia Spelling says:

    CANON RULESS! good lens too. And it works great for TIME LAPSE with this little remote:

  32. BeddingBath says:

    I used to use normal digital camera and after buying this I realized why didn’t I buy a SLR all these days.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to10FTpya

  33. Cameras&Photos says:

    This camera is so simple and is just as easy as a point and click camera. You dont have to go into all the settings to take a great picture.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to11JuxFc

  34. Blake Macpherson says:

    is this camera good for action shots? like sport shots?

  35. Abdulraheem Al-Mutawa says:

    Is it the zoom lens?

  36. MineTech00 says:

    @TheTargetlockon it’s called opposite of adults by chiddy bang

  37. TheTargetlockon says:

    What song is the intro? <3 😀

  38. A Carrion says:


  39. MushroomMangles says:

    I’m saving up for one of these

  40. DarianZProductions says:

    haha you sound like mclovin

  41. Zach Greenquist says:

    The t4i will do you good for video, but make sure to get a external mic. Because you didn’t get the STM lens, you will be able to hear the camera auto-focusing.

  42. tazmunece01 says:

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  43. rachel chi says:

    What is the difference between the T3i and the T4i?

  44. DJ Dhwanil says:

    Hey what’s the song you used in the beginning

  45. Andrew Tayona says:

    it is good for beginners because am getting one, and i don’t know much about DSLR. so can you make a Video for Beginners Tips? it help a lot to me.

  46. Sofia Woodbridge says:

    Greetings! Have you had any luck with photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My work buddy Chris made some amazing pictures with their photography tutorials.

  47. williiamm23 says:

    What camera did you use before your T4i?

  48. MyHQEwanGordon says:

    whats your intro song called and nice vid

  49. Malthe Sigh says:

    do you recommend this camera only for video shooting or also high quality pictures?

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