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Adorama Photography TV presents the Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR camera. This week Mark provides a hands-on review of the camera that is made for photogra…
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  1. kalarissamu says:

    -The 16 GB memory card is a Sony SF-16NX High Speed class 10 SDHC memory card. It is not a particularly extra fast card, but does meet the class 10 specifications. On the packaging, Sony claims it is recommended for HD video and continuous shooting for DSLR cameras, and I have not run into any issues. Made in Taiwan.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to109nxPW

  2. BeddingBath says:

    On a side note, unless you’re at the end of your budget, don’t get the 18-55 kit lens. It will leave you wanting on almost every shot. Spend a little more on a good prime, even the 40mm f2.8 is a marked improvement over the s*** kit lens.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.to14Pj2f3

  3. Oh ReZi says:

    Shooting kids, animals….

  4. Skye Fox says:

    Thanks for the review! And thank you for telling me about what a good site

  5. jones bond says:

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  6. DaviddenMann says:

    This is a great camera for beginners like me. It is easy to use and very light. I recommend it. Delivery was also not bad.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested:amzn.toZk48eQ

  7. DaviddenMann says:

    I really love it. The quality image is 18 pixels as promised. The EOS rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camara is superb.

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  8. NommingZombieh18 says:

    I’m gonna get this! :oo <33

  9. Tyler Fichiera says:

    Yes there is a mic input on the Canon T3i but there is not one on the T3

  10. Mc Smokey says:

    Can you plug in a mic?

  11. AlfaShedar says:

    Magic Lantern + T3i = this camera can fly

  12. AlfaShedar says:


  13. MGBfilmTV says:

    I jus ordered a refurbished one from AdoramaCamera on Amazon for $459. They are on ebay too i think for $451. Save up, its a great cam.

  14. maharani289 says:

    I think in Target, it is $699.99

  15. Yohanna Henriquez says:

    @adoramatv let’s say I wanna do a cover on this camera could I use a USB & edit the video from the YouTube editor?

  16. HassassinPrime says:

    Hey guys check out a music video I made using the canon t3i, 18-55 lens, no filter. Tried to get the film look with 24 fps and color correction. Its my first video. Feedback and helpful tips would be much appreciated.


  17. I does autofoucs. Enable ‘AF with “shutter button” during video shooting’ in the video settings and while recording press the shutter halfway. This does change the exposure while focusing though. (make sure to set your lens to AF)

  18. adoramaTV says:

    Unfortunately, the Canon T3i does not offer continuous autofocus during video capture. Manual focus only in video mode.

  19. A'lexie Madison says:

    do you know how to get it to autofocus while i’s recording a video???

  20. GloryEraShun402 says:

    im broke

  21. MysticCaravan says:

    decent vid, would be better to spend most time looking at the camera instead of the talking head.

  22. Neurotripsicks says:

    I’m sold, buying it now from Canon’s website.

  23. alexander ruiz says:

    @actuallydeniz me too!!

  24. alexander ruiz says:

    awsome video this guy knows how to explain things!! thank you I’m gonna buy this camera because of you!! keep doing it!!


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