Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i Review Preview

Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i Review Preview. This is the latest addition to the Canon SLR range. It arrives as the update to the Canon EOS 600D, and is the fir…


  1. ShortWorldTech says:

    Yes you can control nearly everything with the buttons.

  2. amandaelisabetsvlog says:

    i have make a video that i have filmed with my canon 650d watch?v=3D65rVSI7fw

  3. barcads says:

    + Lens?

  4. Miggy Tennakoon says:

    is there a limit on how long you can record for?

  5. Aeqetheq RHewr says:

    Is it possible to also control the menus using buttons rather than the touch screen if i wanted to?

  6. Juan Morales says:

    body only?

  7. BlindGapFingerboards says:

    just the body or with a kit lens?

  8. Aruan Campelo says:

    Which camera did you use in this review? Also t4i?

  9. superJvlogs says:

    soo bad it was a scam D: but I got the t3i for $500 brand new

  10. Mahesh Balan says:

    I am a great lover of the Canon

  11. halldorarni22 says:

    Well the touch screen is awesome and i would never go back to none touch screen after trying it. the video is better with the autofocus. the grip is maybe a bit worse if you have very large hands. And also you can get the 650d for cheaper. But where i bought my 650d the 60d wasn’t even sold longer

  12. n3rdbear says:

    Canon EOS Rebel T4i is freaking expensive, but whatever I only upgrade my camera every 5 years so I guess it’s worth getting the T4i.

  13. TidalClouds says:

    I have the 600D and I simply don’t understand why somebody would want a touchscreen in their camera… It only makes your screen full of fingerprints.

  14. Winjacker says:

    Nice grass pictures, what a waste of footage….. make the test indoors or at least with a good subject.!

  15. funwithdamakeup says:

    Which do you recommend?

  16. superJvlogs says:

    i got it for $440 slightly used

  17. hidalgoesther says:

    This is an excellent video! I bought the lens and I love it. Actually I own this lens and I’m gonna use it in my next video. I’m a camera holic and I love watching videos review about camera. I’m not a professional but cameras, pictures and videos are my passion

  18. FaithandChrist says:

    aww thank you!! i knew it was a stupid question. *hidesface* thankss 🙂 x

  19. yaygangnamstyle says:

    650D is user friendly, has a touch screen, a digic 5 processor and continuous auto focusing for 1080p HD videos. 60D is aimed for advanced amateurs so it lacks the user friendly utilities but it is has 18mp like the 650d and 5.3 fps burst shooting. It has a better grip (its bigger than the 650d). The iso range is 1 level lower than the 650d, 100 – 12800, but that’s more than enough. It has 1080p hd video as well. So, if you are a beginner, go for the 650d but if you are an amateur, 60d is better

  20. yaygangnamstyle says:

    canon eos 650d = canon rebel t4i

    just difference in names for asian and american countries

  21. yaygangnamstyle says:

    I just bought the 650d and I agree with you although the touchscreen is comfortable, it feels amateurish. 60D is bigger and has a better grip so i dunno. the price difference wasn’t much

  22. danielwuttig2 says:

    Its the same. In usa its called t4i rebel and in the rest of the world eos650d. I think in japan its called t4i kiss but im not sure.

  23. FaithandChrist says:

    whats the difference between a canon 650 and a canon REBEL ??

  24. Pavol Zgola says:

    damn you are fast 😀

  25. chingchongnoodles says:

    defs wishes he had a 650d

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