Canon EOS 1100D SLR / Rebel T3 Review & Tutorial

Canon EOS 1100D SLR / Rebel T3 Review and Tutorial: Canon EOS 1100D Image Quality and camera demo. SUBSCRIBE HERE: For the full in-depth…
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  1. Shahad breezy says:

    which one of these cameras is the best …..Canon EOS 600D or Canon EOS 550D ?!!

  2. TheTunisianActor says:

    good camera for begginers i bought a 1100D last week it’s a good camera

  3. Starcz5 says:


  4. locknload091 says:

    Sometimes being young and being juvenile are mutually exclusive events.
    Stop being such a hypocrite telling others to be a mature. Especially since your channel title is ‘Boobs TM’.

    Go be a douche somewhere else

  5. Pradheesh Mohan says:

    Hey..Im confused to buy which one of these.Im a Novice.No experience in Photography or DSLRs.I would be using the cam for clicking pics and not video.My choices are NikonD5100 NikonD3200 and CanonEos600D..Pls suggest the best choice for me.

  6. freakygek says:

    I have an 1100D. (About a year now). But it is a bit too less for me. Which one should you advise for me? Maybe a D650? Or.. 

  7. David87965 says:

    can someone clarify something for me. the focal length in mm eg. 100mm lens can reach the subject more closer than a 60mm focal length right? and what is the best entry level camera, you said this has a softness problem which i don’t like the sound of. are there better cameras without any auto focus problems etc

  8. Littlecrewmember says:

    ‘No card in camera’ xD

  9. Tommyvids12 says:

    I would probily say the cannon rebel t3

  10. Goran Murdzev says:

    Canon Rebel T3 or Nikon D3100? Which one is better?

  11. djevo386 says:

    i’m 14 and i got this camera i also had this when i was 13 i have 3 lenses already a 70-300mm a 50mm and the standard lens 18-55mm

  12. Rami. B says:

    i want a camera :'(

  13. challiray says:

    Got this cam a couple months ago. It’s my first real camera, and i still haven’t figured it all the way out. But it takes beautiful pictures.

  14. Also check this site: easy to understand some basics in camera modes.

  15. julia trixia Alconis says:

    nikon d3000

  16. shanaklover1 says:

    Hey is 1100d good for beginning model and fashion photography. Please tell u opinion nd if eos 1100 isn’t ur recommendation than please tell me the most suitable one at a nice price range

  17. dileep s says:

    i am planning to buy an EOS 1100 D , is it available 18-55 kit or not ?, also suggest the suitable lenses for this model.

  18. TheFunkhouser says:

    It has way more zoom of cause. You cant use it for macro or close up shots but at the concert it would be awesome, just have to be careful though as its quite long and u dont want so knob smashing into it they way they seem to do at concerts.. well rock concerts etc.

  19. restoscrew says:

    can i use a external flash for this camera? I have a Starblitz 12m-Quick I don’t know if it’s compatible.

  20. aya matias says:

    75/300mm this kind of lens is good for concert?

  21. TheFunkhouser says:

    Im 35 and have just got this camera, its pretty awesome. And damn! 12 year olds getting a device like this!?? O_O
    I got this as a two lens kits, the second was lens that I got with mine was the more powerful 75/300mm for my stalking days 😛

    Also boys and girls, plse grow up and stop all the high school nit-picking here, its really boring. Cheers.

  22. RealTimeAdventure says:

    I use an 1100d in my videos, check this video out so you can see the quality for yourself. /watch?v=_Qb83_CkhM8

  23. bunit121 says:

    yes but if you were to spend this much on a camera just get sony vegas its much better

  24. Lucy Marshall says:

    I’m 14 and hopefully getting this, but I’m going to look into photograph, an then just using this for videos and pictures of me and freinds 🙂

  25. Anastasia May says:

    Is it compatible with Windows Live Movie Maker on Windows 8??
    Please answer! 🙂

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