camera foto FujiFilm Finepix C25

camera foto FujiFilm Finepix C25 factura+garantie 22luni cumparata pe data de 12.01.2012 manual cd cablu date card 512mb aspect 10/10.
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WARNING DESIGN FAIL. I bought this camera and had to return it for exchange due to the problem shown here. The second camera had the exact same problem. This…
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  1. esti multumit de aceasta camera ? o am si eu am luat de la emag cu 1.jumate.. acum 2 anii , acum c-am as vrea sa scap de ea .. nu oferta chiar foarte multe calitatii

  2. I have been a camera tech for 9 years, I now rebuild vintage electronics. Most of the battery issues were dirty battery contacts or mixed batteries, the rest were software repairs with 5 or six of 1000 cameras actually having a physical battery handling fault.

  3. This video makes some incorrect accusations. Sales stores cannot handle repairs. Repair centers are where repairs go. In most cases, issues like this are a software repair – the service center can fix it. Going to the store just gets you a camera with the same issue. Glitches do happen in manufacture. Give the manufacturer a chance to solve the fault. (it’s annoying, yes)

  4. This fault is common with bad or mixed batteries. Dirty battery contacts are common. Best is the lithium AA batteries for very long record times. Clean battery contacts with 99% alcohol. Never use regular batteries. Rechargeable batteries that have been mixed (Not used in sets) can also cause issues. Do not touch the ends of batteries – clean with 99% alcohol if you do. Clean charger contacts occasionally.

  5. Bloeski's Wrecking Crew says:

    This is not a battery issue. The problem is a bad design that is unreliable.

  6. Diksha Pandey says:

    hey can you guys plz help me i m gettng the same batery issue… and i have this 8 mnths back Is i can get my money bach as i bought from ambience mall…

  7. Rizwan Ali Mondal says:

    Even I had the same problem. After 3-4 pics on flash, the indicator turns red. Waiting for a refund from Flipkart

  8. Bloeski's Wrecking Crew says:

    It is great to hear you got your money back and you are not a victim of Fujifilm

  9. munnA Ismail says:

    its a Crap….i had exactly same prob.. after 3-4 pics the battery turns red and its with 2700mAH brand new sony batteries.. got it replaced twice and both the camera’s had the same issue…got my refund back from flipkart… failure design.. dont buy this

  10. Bloeski's Wrecking Crew says:

    Yes…..A real piece of junk. Fortunately I was able to return mine to the store a second time and trade it in for a Nikon. Now I have a good camera that works….

  11. Exact same problem with mine, since day 1. I tried originals, standards AA and nAh batteries, same thing. Batterie indicator turns red as soon as you take 1 picture. Completely unusable.

  12. redstonefreak589 says:

    I don’t have any problems. I have replaced the batteries that came with it with my own double A’s. You’re just having bad luck with the built in batteries.

  13. Bloeski's Wrecking Crew says:

    It is great to hear that you won’t fall victim to this piece of junk……….

  14. bernbernify says:

    Thank you so much for this review. You’ve saved me time and money and the upset of giving my sister a defective birthday present. I’m taking your advice and avoiding all Fujifilm products.

  15. Eduard Niculescu says:

    I have a Lithium-ion battery, and it is perfect!I don’t have problem with this battery!

  16. Eduard Niculescu says:

    The FUJIFILM FINEPIX JV300 is more good than!

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