Buying the Sony DSC-HX50

I got the Sony DSC-HX50 (not the HX50v) and I do a quick unboxing, right in the carpark of the shopping centre where I bought it. Amazingly, I think the soun…

If you’re looking for an affordable compact digital camera with some interesting capabilities I’m goint to recommend you consider the Sony DSC-WX80, first in…
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  1. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    Pretty good quality, isn’t it? I think it’s a great little camera, although just a tiny bit small to be really comfortable for me personally. Great for slipping into a shirt pocket though.

    And on image and video quality, I rate it highly.

  2. PhantomDrawing says:

    Wow I really love the video quality of the WX300.

  3. MrDeadTown says:

    Thank you for your answer and recommendation .I preferred to buy WX300 .I havent had chance to use a lot but i hope i will not be disappointed 🙂

  4. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    Having used both, for image quality I would go with the WX300. I love how the HX50 looks and feels in the hand, but since the actual photo is what counts, I wouldn’t have an HX50 even if it only cost $50, quite honestly. The WX300 is a very nice camera and it gives great results.

    It’s probably a little bit small even for my smallish hands though, so if you have big hands you would definitely find it a bit awkard to use. But image quality is great.

  5. MrDeadTown says:

    which camera do u suggest ? HX50 and WX300 ?

  6. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    I don’t have the HX50 now as I took it back. I think the audio was identical to the HX30v, but I’m never really used it on loud music. Concerts are not something I ever film and I don’t really have access to loud music that I can legally put onto a Youtube video.

    I could probably find some royalty free music, but that would not be quite the same as filming at a concert. Not sure how valid any such testing would be.

    Personally, I’d use the Tascam DR-07 at a concert and then sync the sound.

  7. brody789 says:

    Thanks for the video. With regard to audio, if you still have the HX20V, are you able to test both cams in video mode with a) loud music and b) low frequencies i.e. bass?

    I want to make sure that the HX50 can cope in loud environments (i.e. concerts) with minimal audio clipping and distortion as well as the previous HX models could.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. fishycomics says:

    the camera does its job well, and especially for youtube, And you found out the wx series locked that deal for you.

  9. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    The right camera for the job is different for everyone. I don’t need a super zoom, but I do need (or want) great video quality. From what I’m seeing so far, the RX100 does the job I want done.

  10. fishycomics says:

    thanks, that cam is not going to cmpare to the Hx series for me. its a totally different camera

  11. mygoodstuffreviewed says:


    I’ve got a review of the RX100 coming next week. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s amazing.

  12. fishycomics says:

    Mygoodstuff… you do a excellent job, Do not let  the distractions stop you.

  13. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    It really is a great little camera. Sound is great and I think the image is excellent too. Very light and pocketable camera, so for many people it will be a great model to have.

  14. karl peart says:

    the wx300 is an astonishing camera, i do photography 1 handed as i cant use my left hand to steady the camera but even so the anti shake function is the best iv encountered on any camera iv owned, plus i feel personally that the picture quality is actually better thn the sony nex 5 which i previously owned

  15. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    I’m totally confused about the HX50 right now. As you’ll see in a video I’ll be uploading today. I don’t know if I got a faulty model, but it’s not always outperforming the HX20v/30v – I kind of think I’d have been happy to get another one of those instead, for multi-cam filming.

    I need to do a lot more testing to be certain, but right now I don’t have any conclusions about the HX50.

  16. Tech1Tv says:

    Ah ok i see,well yes Sony RX100 price is really high. Everybody on YouTube say it’s the best pocket camera,i might get one and try it out when the price go down.

  17. JogBird says:

    nice unboxing. i was gonna get it to replace my hx9v for video, but, i can hardly hold it steady at 16x zoom… it would be impossile at 30x

  18. ryanspianoaccount says:

    I know what you mean about the sound. Why do companies sometimes upgrade models but really it can be a downgrades in so many aspects. Surely they would have used the same high quality mics as the hx20v. I am going to buy another hx20v to use purely as a video camera as always means I will have a spare if my one I already has breaks. Love the hx20v

  19. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    It’s nice to use, although I’m not yet convinced that it’s actually any “better” than the HX20v which is now on sale at a really good price.

    Right now, I’m actually thinking I’d probably have been better to get an HX20v which would give me multicam recording with my HX30v and would have been half the cost.

    I may change my mind when I’ve tested this more thoroughly.

  20. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    £349 with a free Lowepro AW100 camera bag.

  21. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    There’s a lot more coming, but it’s taking me some time to edit them!

  22. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    No, but I’d love to try the RX100 – bit too expensive for me though.

  23. mygoodstuffreviewed says:

    I was shocked, to be honest. Of course I could do some post-processing of the audio, but right out of the box, the WX300 sounds much better to my ears.

    Right now, I’m actually slightly disappointed with the HX50. It’s slower than the WX300 and the HX30v, just and I don’t think the macro is as good either.

    I’ll be exploring it in more detail over the next week or so.

  24. 8minutestorm says:

    wx300 sound is indeed a lot better

  25. josie Hernandez says:

    nice camera.

  26. lastone032085 says:

    You heard wrong.

  27. TheMelisinha says:

    Is it possible to transfer pictures to an ipad ?

  28. 2worldwidevideos says:

    Yes i know but I heard it dosnt work with windows.

  29. gadgetjm says:

    yes, that’s the idea

  30. 2worldwidevideos says:

    do you know if the wifi can connect to a laptop to transfer pic and movies?

  31. Davide Pochetti says:

    what should i do to improve the battery life?

  32. Davide Pochetti says:

    what should i do to improve the battery life?

  33. atocruz says:

    Ayos to ha…

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