Automatic panorama with Kodak Easyshare Max Z990 Part 3

The Kodak Easyshare Max Z990 has the easy to use automatic panorama mode. You can select this function by turning the top dial to Creative. For a more precis…


  1. Yes it can be aggravating. I just bought a Pentax Optio RS 1000 with a different way of capturing panorma shots. I’ll be doing a video of that camera when I get a chance. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I just tried the panorama again. When you pan fast, it has a wider angle. Slower pan will result in a narrower angle. I took the camera to Hong Kong recently so I’ll be posting some of the shots soon.

  3. Chris Mack says:

    Mine always doesn’t work when I do it. I will try again on tripod….but I’m with Jose…it’s aggravating

  4. Yes the camera can be aggravating.  Sometimes you have to pan a couple of times to get the photos you need. Not quite foolproof. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Jose Perez says:

    mines says some shit it pisses me off -.- nice video.

  6. Irene asdas says:


  7. Iseekoutthetruth says:

    Nice Camera

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