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Digital Camera Ashton Kutcher is endorsing the Coolpix Digital Camera by Nikon. It represents personal style and sophist…

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  1. Awesome, easy to use camera

  2. Maria Lambert says:


  3. Denice Cramer says:

    Awesome! I want one!

  4. Yesenia Jackson says:

    L310 is a superb compact camera, with a huge lens
    Because this camera looks like a bridge camera, it’s natural to assume it should have lots of controls, and then be disappointed when it doesn’t. If you turn that thought on its head, you begin to see that this is actually a very good all-automatic compact camera, but with such a good lens that it couldn’t fit into the compact shape.

  5. Donna Stafford says:

    longish zoom range; good balance in the hand.

  6. Melissa Robinson says:

    Coolpix P510 was fun, easy, and rewarding. It’s solid but lightweight, easy to grip and simple to manage, and images were satisfactory to great

  7. Katherine Kidd says:

    Holding the P510 is like holding a real camera.

  8. Gabrielle Tripp says:

    P510 has GPS capability, 3D shooting mode, panorama shooting, an EVF, and of course its 42x telephoto lens.

  9. Concepcion Wilkinson says:

    The Nikon Coolpix P510 is an ultrazoom if you’ve ever seen one: The big-barreled, 42x optical zoom lens camera has a bulky-bodied but turns out to feel surprisingly small and lightweight.

  10. Lillian Romero says:

    The Nikon S8000 is a very capable and very slim camera. The 10x optical zoom range offers great flexibility, though auto-only shooting may disappoint advanced shooters.

  11. Faye Richards says:

    Straight from the large zoom stable of Nikon’s L series cameras, the Coolpix L820 is the top of the range model. It’s host to an array of forward thinking technology, such as ED glass, stereo sound, FullHD video and a back-illuminated CMOS sensor. However, being in the Lifestyle section of Nikon’s range also means that it’s incredibly easy to use.

  12. Esther Brett says:

    Basic image quality and even more basic features, but the rugged design and low price are perfect for children

  13. Deborah Hiatt says:

    The Nikon D5100 will undoubtedly put a smile on every photographer’s face with its excellent image quality and feature set. And that’s simply what I like about it.

  14. Paula Korman says:

    The Nikon Coolpix S6400 is a sweet little camera with a nice touchscreen and a very user friendly layout

  15. Gabriella Nelson says:

    Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras. Every shot you take is a precious moment captured

  16. Sarah Hall says:

    cool pictures. i personally like nikon cameras, simply one of the best. agree?

  17. Doreen Howard says:

    i simply love it..btw, you got nice stuff and really having a good deal. thanks

  18. Christine Knopp says:

    an A+++ rate for the image quality of this Digital Camera. Shots like a pro!

  19. Vivian Saxon says:

    whoaa! slicky camera of all time

  20. simply sexy digital camera like ashton! cool!

  21. MyKeyReviews says:

    Don’t see that in every phone! 😛

  22. Alexandru Florin says:

    the thing is that on the lumia 1020 you can manually set shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus. You also have full control over the flash and focus light along with exposure compensation settings

  23. MyKeyReviews says:

    Couldn’t really say as I haven’t used the Lumia 1020, however ones a phone and the other is a proper camera, so I guess it depends on how much control over a photo someone would want. :

  24. Alexandru Florin says:

    Between this and the lumia 1020 what would you recommend? I personally love the way the lumia 1020 handles in low light conditions

  25. KHALED .A.W says:

    nice review man I appreciate that effort 🙂

  26. KHALED .A.W says:

    nice review man i appreciate that effort 🙂

  27. KHALED .A.W says:

    nice review man i appreciate that effort 🙂

  28. KHALED .A.W says:

    nice review man i appreciate that effort 🙂

  29. ChrischrosBelgium says:


  30. redningsstation says:

    allright thanks for your answers.

    its to bad its are so slowly it will be a perfect camera if it was quicker.

    good weekend


  31. MyKeyReviews says:

    I see what you mean (I don’t normally use burst), it looks like that’s how it processes all the images, I don’t think there’s anything you can do to change it.

    I’ve tried the same memory card on my NEX-5RL and I can view the images almost instantly after taking a burst. 😐

    I think it’s definitely something I need to test out in cameras in future reviews.

  32. redningsstation says:

    thanks for your answer

    i have tried to set it to 5mp and also with a faster memory card but it does not change anything.

    it still takes about 12 seconds to record the images after i have take them.

    if i cancel the recording after i have take the pictures will the camera save only 3-4 out of 10 photos I take.
    so it does not work either.

    so are there a place where I can turn recording from with out the images will be deleted?


  33. MyKeyReviews says:

    The TZ30 is 14MP compared to the HX50’s 20MP, which means the file sizes are going to be a lot bigger, it may be down to needing a faster memory card? 😐

    Or you could try lowering the MP and see if that makes a difference in speed.

  34. redningsstation says:

    if i take 10 pictures in bust mode with my panasonic tz30 it takes only about 3 seconds so i can use the camera again.


  35. redningsstation says:

    i have a question.

    hi i have buy the new sony hx50v from few days ago. my old is a panasonic tz30. i have not try a sony camera before and i think its take very good pictures and video compared to other small cameras.

    but i have one problem i think its very slow motor to take pictures if i take 10 pictures in burst mode it will take about 12 seconds before i can use the camrea again are that normally.


  36. MyKeyReviews says:


  37. Kiran Jose says:

    Very good review! 

  38. MyKeyReviews says:

    No idea either. :P

  39. andrewcobra2000 says:

    I have HX30V 18.2 mega pix and 20 optical zoom and I’m very happy with that camera.
    There is one problem with hx50. The HDMI input is where the tripod mount is.
    I dont know why sony change that because hx30 is opposite

  40. Richie Yeung says:

    No Problem!

  41. MyKeyReviews says:

    Thanks! Hope I don’t disappoint. 😛

  42. Richie Yeung says:

    Good review! I subscribed :D I hope to see more good reviews like this!

  43. Paul Edwards says:

    The new version RX 100 is so far referred to as the Rx 100 ll That may change of course.

  44. Paul Edwards says:

    Of course HDR is only to be used with some ambient light about. In our modern world that’s often street lighting…

  45. MyKeyReviews says:

    The ones I weren’t too impressed with were the pre-set night scenes.

    Don’t think I’ve ever tried using HDR at night time. :|

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