Apple iPhone 4S Review

IGN gives its video review of the new Apple iPhone 4S tech. It may not be the iPhone 5, but Apple’s new smartphone has some powerful new upgrades. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content! Check out our other game channels: IGN Home – Call of Duty – http Zelda – Battlefield – Halo – Street Fighter – And more! – Can the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 pass the drop test? Find out as we do a drop test comparison of both the Samsung Galaxy S3 vs the iPhone 4s!


  1. xalmanmirZa77 says:

    Glad I haven not bought it and got it For FREE, my cousin received his iPhone 4s for free too lol. The web address, if I remember correctly, was:

  2. Superashu1998 says:

    @strawberrychewitgum, you can actually get an iPhone 4s for Free, simply try to google for something like:
    My 18 years brother just received one this morning, couldn’t beleive my eyes! it’s limited promotion I think

  3. maya mohan says:

    @LaurentGarnierRox, yep i know, Just Got My iPhone 4s Free my self! I picked up my iPhone 4s last night. I think they are still giving them away for free for promotional hype, google for:

  4. edward64572 says:

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  5. dmcarefuldriver says:

    Wow this is like the only video that gave the 4S a positive review. Finally someone who understands that they don’t need to redesign it just for the sake of redesigning it.

  6. C0dG4m1ng says:

    I’m going to get the 4S and keep it. I don’t care about the 5.

  7. lilmojett says:

    1: go to the AppStore on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android and download “app trailers”
    2: enter code “harbingeroftuna” under bonus code section
    3: enjoy ^.^

  8. fskamara1 says:

    ….Then when u get the 4s, the 5 will come out! lol.

  9. claymaster26 says:

    White. It is much cooler and doesn’t show fingerprints.

  10. de100lux says:

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  11. resonance2278 says:

    @SomeBrownKid55 you can get it free at :

  12. MrStrazzer2010 says:

    This is what you have to do:
    Apple usually launch their Iphones from June to October every year. So if you want to buy an Iphone, and the first semester of the year has already passed, wait until they launch a new one.

  13. StarWarsStarTrek42 says:

    Android is better.

  14. ajthestunningman says:

    Just Got My iPhone 4s Free my self! I picked up my iPhone 4s last night. I think they are still giving them away for free for promotional hype, google for:

  15. KiNg SaEeM says:

    lol i tried posting the same comment but it didnt work

  16. iphone 4.1

  17. RobloxDog says:

    There is no difference, (exept for the colour)
    But i suggest white, but it’s hard to see the home key.

  18. pokeheartsilver says:


  19. aren92027 says:

    I want one soo bad:( i hope wen i get a job this summer..i get one:)

  20. mdjosephtcr222 says:


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  21. CellFawn says:

    Get the iPhone 4S on pay as you go or contract by comparing all the major high street retailers on

  22. Treallen2323 says:

    Team iphone

  23. Khaiho1 says:

    369 dislikes must be the android fans lol

  24. dylanmasterguy says:

    dont get the 4s when your time comes though, iphone 5 gonna be here soon gunna

  25. harshdevgoyal says:

    @cargoship007 yea, I just got my beta iPhone 4s for Free, simply google for:

    nice gadget, I’m typing using it right now! btw great review vid!

  26. Jalag96 says:

    My eyes! My wonderful eyes!!!

  27. davidishxc says:

    This is a bad test and you should feel bad.

  28. beastmode69671 says:

    s3 or iphone 4 black or white plz reply

  29. AleksGSquadron says:


  30. sonic90001000 says:

    why do you drop a phone that costs maybe $400 bucks

  31. nnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm says:

    It’s called insurance for all the retards.

  32. XEliteHitman94X says:

    iPhone 4S is more durable than the S3..

  33. shane10141 says:

    pain full to watch!!!!

  34. davidwest99 says:

    my mate dropped his s2 down his couch and it was buggard…

  35. VooDooNoXoN says:

    no me gusta

  36. sorrow87 says:

    who cares if they dropped new phones, it wasn’t your phone they dropped.

  37. stfubum says:

    i dropped my S2 plenty of times cracked screen and all but it still works so my guess is…You dont know how to work the the fuckin phone

  38. midolimitless says:

    should i buy Samsung Galaxy s3 or HTC one X ??

  39. Spykid765 says:

    I go with the iPhone

  40. 123skeemo says:

    try throwing both phones Within the Sea

  41. LayzieBeazt says:

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  42. CHOHAN67 says:

    i couldnt get through this video…

  43. bitski488 says:

    the Palm Pre girl is dropping iphone and android phones.. go figure

  44. sarge8504 says:

    you know whats funny i saw a drop test with the iphone 4s and the samsung galaxy s2 and the s2 did way better,and samsung said that the s3 has a second generation gorilla glass that is what better it doesnt seem like it to me.

  45. scumfuccc says:

    great way to waste 1400$ DERP!!!!

  46. travpurs79 says:

    How about doing a drop test from heights that seem more logical? How about holding it up to your ear like you were talking on it and then dropping it.? How about holding the phone as if you were texting and then dropping it? Cause I am pretty sure that you don’t see normal people just holding their phones out at about shoulder height all the time for no apparent reason.

  47. MrMkhidhir says:

    Get this phone on pay as you go or contract by comparing all the major high street retailers on

  48. MrMkhidhir says:

    Get this phone on pay as you go or contract by comparing all the major high street retailers on

  49. Riggsey112210 says:

    *dropped it and the inner screen broke but not outer glass screen

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