Apple iPhone 4S: Keynote Review

Buy the iPhone 4S UNLOCKED here – *SUBSCRIBE FOR THE FULL UNBOXING & REVIEW! This is my take on the recent announcement of the iPhone 4S. Expectations were extremely high for this keynote, as many were expected a completely redesigned iPhone 5. Instead we’re left with a slight refresh. Here are some more details on the device’s new camera – Camera, Photos, and Video 8-megapixel camera Autofocus Tap to focus Face detection in still images LED flash Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio Video stabilization Front camera with VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second Photo and video geotagging

Today’s Face Off pits the two most popular smartphones on the planet head to head. Check it out and pick a winner!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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    @PancakesBP It is just a A4

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  5. PancakesBP says:

    Does the 2011 iPod touch have the A5 chip or just the A4

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  14. i predicted the specs to the phone exactly LMAO with the exception to siri

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    Sorry iPhone 4 I meant

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  26. hammod053 says:

    Galaxy s 2

  27. hecknot14 says:

    lol i wonder how they make these things

  28. Nadeem77 says:

    i always thought iphone is for idiots but after trying one i think u must be an idiot to get an iphone instead of android especially galaxy s2 or s3!

  29. Rafael Anjos says:

    Apple will destroy android.

  30. Cazper 10 says:

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  31. alamanna99 says:

    Fuk ipone … It sucks!!! I’ll take any phone over the fuking shit you call an iPhone !! Android all Da way !!!!!!

  32. Aman Deep says:

    hahahaiphone 2 is better tha ur s2 suck iphone dick 😀

  33. eddy1397 says:

    go suck apples dick maybe they will give you store credit!!!!!

  34. eddy1397 says:

    i hope youre being sarcastic!!!

  35. MrXbox360kid says:

    Super Amoled plus bro. Even Better. That beautiful over saturation 🙂

  36. TheGeekWithAnAxe says:

    It does, but you need to pull down the notification bar and put on silent.

  37. TheGeekWithAnAxe says:

    I love the Galaxy. Kick-ass specs and UI. It definitely deserved Phone of the Year for 2011.

  38. MzKea23 says:


  39. TheRSHacker009 says:

    Samsung better!
    1st iPhone is overpriced and has the same small screen starting from the old iphone 3g.
    2 iPad is not a smartphone….we compare smartphones i guess..:p
    the GS2 has higher performance and graphics
    the only bad part is the (800*480) screen but it’s super amoled..
    Dats my opinion 🙂

  40. yiu1130154 says:

    Fucking poor camera, fucking sucks content, SAMSUNG FUCKING SUCKS. I dun think a phone nd such a weird-big screen. If u want a bigger screen, iPad is already the best tablet!! Support Apple!!!!!!!

  41. thebeanchu says:


  42. WellDone89 says:

    yes it has, very helpful, thank u 🙂 and amazing that s2 wins the 4s but the s2 i just the best!

  43. Osama Adam says:

    It’s funny how that guy is getting excited when iphone 4s is about to win then getting disappointed when SGS 2 wins 😀

  44. gbflyworld says:

    samsung is better sam 5 points
    i phone 4s 2 points

  45. 3forumreader says:

    I got samsung S2 skyrocket and I am fascinate about how fast the internet on the phone. Second, the battery last so long. Bigger screen. Cons: doesn’t have mute volume, no shake to shuffle when play music. Camera 8mp feel like 5 mp camera. Front camera seem to be little bit unaccurrate, I have to tilt little bit down to see my face. :). typing a message took the whole screen, can’t see other ppl reply.
    Overall i love mine S2

  46. bogs1902 says:


  47. bogs1902 says:


  48. PIRATELINUS says:


  49. KanjaGavi says:

    download ilauncher/espierlauncher then do this again lol just for laughs.

  50. DjTobyOfficial says:

    my iPhone 4 doensn’t take that long to load :O 

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