Apple iPhone 4S Full Review

Apple iPhone 4S Full Review… does the new model live up to my expectations. Buy this product & accessories here Useful Links Manufactured by Sponsored by: My 2nd Channel Website Twitter Facebook


  1. veen6199 says:

    @cargoship007 yea, I just got my beta iPhone 4s for Free, simply google for:

    nice gadget, I’m typing using it right now! btw great review vid!

  2. terran williamson says:

    these scrap phones ain’t got nothin on Steve jobs I salute iPhone 4s

  3. Mexican3541 says:

    I really want I phone 5

  4. RoShAnOWNEDyou says:

    thumbs up if u got the 64GB version!

  5. davejenjosh says:

    Top review geezer….in depth n insightful….

  6. PsychoMonkeyGamers says:

    I dont know why people expected a whole new phone design from the 4s… If you didnt know it still says iphone 4 not iphone 5. Its the same phone just better internally

  7. cheezo545 says:

    by the way did you know that the galaxy s3 will be announced by samsung may 2nd ?

  8. cheezo545 says:

    does the iphone face time costs extra charge on the call?

  9. GroupOfDudes says:

    Why didn’t u change the design apple? Why fix what ain’t broke.

  10. kroxx131998 says:

    How much did you pay for that?

  11. sneakysneakymarkus says:

    Your mother is better

  12. backdoorman1971 says:

    I liked the video. Great reviews dave

  13. SuperJohnnsen says:

    Great review!!!!

  14. Reg Bell says:

    I was a Galaxy S2 user before getting the iphone 4S and now I am using the Galaxy Nexus witch I think is Superior to both.

  15. lilwarski0121 says:

    They are both very good phones. i have used both. I prefer the Samsung Galaxy S2 because of the big screen however, the iphone 4S is still an amazing phone.

  16. RomainB3000 says:

    My question might seem stupid but does white iPhones get dirty marks?

  17. baldwin471 says:

    Neither, Galaxy Nexus ftw

  18. Alexzone45 says:

    I wish I could afford a Iphone 4s but it’s too dam expensive, I think apple should make a cheaper Iphone for people with smaller budgets.

  19. I haven’t used the G2. But i have the 4S. Get the 4 the contract will be cheaper the updates are good but not really worth the price. Processing speeds are fast enough on 4. But the G2 looks nice. Personally though I think the iPhone is the perfect size for your hands its just nice. and works well.

  20. gagaluver83 says:

    i love ur reviews ther amazine

  21. kantastisk says:

    “I get 800-1000 emails a day”

  22. i would also like to know his response on this

  23. MrT9alizee says:

    crazy prices for iphone 4s,i would buy a galaxy nexus instead,amazing phone purchased on the strength of daves excellent reviews……………well done dave,keep up your excellent informative balanced video reviews.

  24. In his galaxy s2 review he said he’d recommend 4s instead.

  25. bartuferidunbba says:

    yes there are many phones now which is better than iphone BUT if you are a mac user the best phone for you is an iphone

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