(2001) Motorola Talkabout T8167 Ringtones (Sprint)

Ringtones from a Motorola Talkabout T8167 cell phone. Originally released in 2001 for Sprint. May or may not contain custom ringtones installed by the previous owner. 1. Ringer Style 1 2. Ringer Style 2 3. Ringer Style 3 4. Ringer Style 4 5. Ringer Style 5 6. Ringer Style 6 7….

We shared this video when Sprint CEO Dan Hesse spoke at the 2012 Mobile World Congress. It illustrates the tremendous power that comes when people are connected. At Sprint, we take our responsibilities seriously and are proud to drive innovation in the wireless industry, lead the way toward more sustainable business practices and advocate for customer choice. We encourage you to learn more at sprint.com
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  1. ChanSmallSon says:

    Some maybe haters but others like myself just wish sprint would step there game up… Certain cities are better than others.. ny, ny is not great…

  2. kikiakajesus says:

    – Sprint Is The Best, Price & Just Everything. ♥

  3. Some of y’all are just Fucking haters! SPRINT FUCKING ROCKS!!

  4. JSmith72188 says:

    “With great power comes great responsibility”? So uncle Ben told Peter Parker to use Sprint… Hmmm, my EVO 4G doesn’t let me web sling across cities. 🙁

  5. taveapont23 says:

    Data package should be half price. get 4g lte going in Denver already……..

  6. drakeknowstechnology says:

    I know its ridicules and they used phones from AT&T and Verizon. just look at the service provider on the iPhone 4’s and 4S’s. Also they never had the iPhone 3GS.

  7. drakeknowstechnology says:

    Ok they used more phones from Verizon and AT&T in this video than Sprint phones!?!

  8. drakeknowstechnology says:

    You have to pay full price of the phone to do that.

  9. MrGintama96 says:

    Sprint lies!! They told me, I could get a smartphone without a contract, but as a new customer i need an account (which requires me to get a 2 yr contract) I dont need a contract!!

  10. tman022000 says:

    I think the reason my 4G in Houston 77069 area not working is because of the giant birds that live in the tower that I see everyday…I can walk to the sprint tower…still no 4G but I’m excited about what they are saying about the future of 4G

  11. ramon leon jr says:

    well l got sprint it work fine and l live in new york , queens , It work good. Jus waity for the 4G LTE come to new york .

  12. jcmjimmie says:

    I’d rather see bars of coverage on my phone than youtube videos.

  13. drbejarjj says:

    They need to really work on towers, signal is bad, it sucks everywhere

  14. MAH Sprint says:

    Hey, I am with Sprint and I want to let you know that we have recently begun building an all-new 3G and 4G network so that we can offer a better overall experience for our customers. It is an exciting time to be with Sprint and we appreciate your patience as we continue to build! Thanks for the feedback–if you have an issue with your Sprint service, please reach out to our Social Care team at sprintcares@sprint.com. They are an excellent resource! – Megan

  15. RomeoValentino says:

    Lmao@ the person who comment before me

  16. rwalford1979 says:

    How about connecting their actual network to their devices. Cause if they consider what they got to be working, and connected and a better smarter world, then I gotta leave for MetroPCS, since they are progressing much faster than Sprint.

  17. rwalford1979 says:

    Sprint never had the iPhone EDGE but it is shown by the little kid at school in the beginning. FAIL!

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