Видеообзор Canon PowerShot A4000 IS

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Continuing the lineage of power and performance that has come to define the G series of Canon’s PowerShot lineup, the G15 is Canon’s newest addition to their…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. frank28galaxynote2 says:

    G1x is ultimately laggy for today standard

  2. frank28galaxynote2 says:

    G15 is better

  3. Hariz Sharizal says:

    I’m looking to buy one. which one is better? G15 or G1X?

  4. yuriy shcher says:

    canon g-15 is one hand operation camera! big advance over Nikon p7700-need to flip screen an take leans cap of !? with canon g-15 you can drive,eat,shoot,sing ,love ,live and take pics same time with one hand! and if I need 2 hands on the subject,I’ll use my -Nikon d7000!

  5. Signor Butterworth says:

    The LX7 has better aperture throughout the zoom range as 77hovito pointed out. I wouldn’t say it’s better in every way however, but to mention that specific camera as one of three examples is an oversight.

  6. Noel Saclayan says:

    very good info-video!!!

  7. Almazzz says:

    What is the best point and shoot camera in your opinion? Or what would you recommend?

  8. 77hovito says:

    You are incorrect about the aperture on the g15. It does not have a better aperture than the Panasonic lx7. The lx7 is better in every way. You seem to just makr things up as you go.

  9. Undefinedmark says:

    If the G15 cost less than the RX100 should it be a good deal? TIA.

  10. Swaroop Froyo says:

    use a proper mic man

  11. dgsdfgsdfgfdgs says:

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